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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Last week = Lazy week
This week = Busy week

I haven't been updating my blog..
My last post was more than a week ago!!
*Yeah I'm a lazy bum*

Why did the sloth wave of air pollute my brain lately?
It all started when I had to work as a promoter in a hypermarket..
I had to undergo the most torturing time of my life this year~!!!!
*Okay it was OVERLY exegerated*
But the truth is, I don't like this work at all..
I had to stand at 1 spot for 8hrs while promoting the toothpaste for sensitive teeth..
*Sensodyne - Clinically proven for sensitive teeth*
The product was good, the job environment fair..
But I'm just not the right kinda guy for this job..
*Yeah I'm admitting it!!*

So, after 2 weekends *4 days* of life threatening torturing job,
I decided to give myself a break and be lazy for 1 day *Just 1 day*
The next day, I didn't do anything in the morning..
and the lazy mood filled the air for ONE WEEK!!!!!
*Incredible eh??*

So, 1 whole week of 0% production..
All my work piled up..
*I'm drowning*
This week, I was supposed to have a different set of responsibilities~
This week's responsibilities + last week's leftovers
Gosh!! How can I finish my things??!!!
*Padan muka, right?*

No choice..
Have to move my lazy bum,
spank my lazy bottom,
and start doing things one at a time!!!
GAMBARU-YO Leslie~!!!!!!

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