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Thursday, 31 July 2008

100th post~!!!!! Yaye~!!!!!

This is the 100th post ddi~!!!

Since its the 100th post for this blog *its an achievement okay~!!!*
I'm gonna blog about another achievement today~!!!


I ate a sunny side up today~!!!!!
You DO know that I do not eat eggs right??
*Except for raw eggs*
I loath its smell~!!!!
Yet today, I challenged myself a sunny side up~!!!

*My sunny side up~!!*

Looks weird huh??
If you look closely, the "egg yolk" is made out of CARROT~!!!
YUP~!!! Its a vegetarian version of an EGG~!!!

It looks SO REAL~!!!
I bought it JUST so that I can blog about it..hehe~!!!
*See i'm so nice to the egg~*

So, what did they use to make this egg??
Egg yolk - Carrot slice
Inner egg white - Fu Chuk *very very soft*
"Fried" egg white - Fu Chuk *Fried*

It looks SO REAL~!!!
It feels SO REAL~!!!
Except, it lacks the smell and taste *Thank Buddha~!!!!*

Now, I can tell everyone I ate an egg~
1 outta the 100 things to do is DONE~!!!!!!!


  1. LOL.... u really so good to egg har? hahaha.... XD thn y din treat me so good as well har? =P

  2. hahaha~ know why? Because you are Egg-GY..Not EGG mar..
    I counted nice ddi la..Let you park my parking space in my apartment..haha

  3. lol... so touching lo... @@... let me park thr.... hahaha... XD wat can i do to thanks u har? =P

  4. Easy ler..
    You're working this weekend..
    After that sure got money..
    Got Egg-gy treat me dinner sure very nice wan..
    But you know I treat eggs very nice so I won't eat them..hehe