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Friday, 18 July 2008

I'm in the same course with the 3rd runner up of Miss Earth 2008!!!

*Not so pretty punya photo*

I don't know why..
But I don't like the photo above..
I don't like studio photos..
Somehow they look weird to me..
They look OLDER in studio photos..
Maybe its their makeup..
Maybe its because they look unnatural to me~

Anyways thats not the point..
The point is...
Read the title and you know la!!!!!!
Yesh~ Stefanie Elena Chin Lee Eng (Right) got 3rd runner up for Miss Earth 2008 Beauty Pegeant!!!!
Article in NST

I'm sure her boyfriend *Sadly, yes she's taken..* is proud~
I'm sure her family is proud~
I'm proud of her..
I'm proud of myself!!! *Can't miss a chance to praise myself kan??*
I'm proud of myself because i'm in the same course with Stef~

Back to the top statement..
I don't like the photo above..
Okay okay, I just prefer other photos of her..hee~

*Of course mesti show an UGLY photo of her kan??"

*I bet she wishes that the pillar is ALEX..*
*Btw, Alex is her boyfriend..Andrew here isn't that lucky..heh*

*Finally, a decent photo of Stef and CheeseKek*
*She looks like a Vietnamese bride, doesn't she??*

See I'm so nice to write a blog post about you..
How're you going to repay me??
Joking joking~

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