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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Hancock with Grace~

Knew that i'll be home alone on wednesdays..
I always am *unless I watch movies with evie and yin*
But that only happens once..hehe~
Gotta do it more often right??

Why I'm home alone???
I'm the only person hanging up the "SINGLE" sign in my house..
and Wednesday is MOVIE NIGHT,
everyone in my house went dating..

So, Last wednesday I didn't wanna be home alone again and I asked Grace out for a movie..
Didn't wanna get caught in the jam so I smartly bought the 9pm movie in Pavilion..

*Yeah we watched Hancock*

The movie was good~
Just good, not AWESOME good~

So after the movie, while walking to the carpark we saw someone *eh..someTWO*

*Siti Nurhaliza(right) & Datuk K*

They were like only a foot away from us okay~!!
It was 10:35pm and Pavilion was closed ddi but we had to walk quite far to the carpark..
*my usual spot was taken*
I saw Datuk K 1st, and Grace saw Siti Nurhaliza 1st..
They were so loving it made Grace jealous of them...

I guess the out-of-the-way-and-very-far car park lot turned out to be a blessing after all~

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  1. gor... when i say i jealous them?? dun simply say hor.. haha.. blek :P