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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I'm SO not going to drive to midvalley on weekends anymore~!!

*Flash back*
Hehe~ Not following the timeline anymore
because this happened about 2 weeks ago *During Grace's birthday*

Kheng Yee's back from Singapore~!!!
What for??
To see me ler of course!!!
Noler..Her Grandma's birthday *I think*

We were supposed to meet in Midvalley on Saturday..
*Midvalley's parking on a WEEKEND??!!!*
"OMGosh" I thought..
Okay la since she's going there to shop 1st..

Before arriving at the carpark,
I was devastated by a sign~

*Zone C carpark sign*

Zone C is FULL??!!!!
P1 Full, P2 31 bays left..
and there're loads of cars still going in..
Guess it'll be FULL anyways..

Nevermind lar..
Still got Zone A, B, G, H..
Less than 2 minutes later..
I got devastated again~!!!!

*Midvalley Carpark Sign*

RED - Zone A, G, H, B
YELLOW - Zone C *31 bays left*
GREEN - Premier *Gardens summore*

The rest of the carpark lots are FULL!!!!!
It potrays Malaysian behaviour SO well okay~!!
Cheaper parking - FULL
Premier parking - GREEN!!!!
Malaysians are so...Stingy *I would opt for the cheaper one if there's empty lots*

No choice ler..I dowana wait for parking lots..
So I drove to the Premier parking lot..
So EMPTY I tell you~!!!
Ended up in the Gardens *This is the 1st time i've been pass by there..*

Finally get to meet up with Kheng Yee..
Went to look for a place to drink..
Gloria Jeans was my 1st choice..
Went there *potong~!!!*
Its not there anymore..Closed down ddi..
No choice..Dowana go to Dome *Still remember the bad cherry-licious*

We headed for Starbucks~
She bought the drinks *Thanks Kheng Yee~!!!*
Work in Singapore ddi memang different...haha~!!
She got herself Choc Cream Chip, me a berry frap *I forgot the name~!!!*
Know what?? She's the ONLY PERSON I know who finishes the whipcream 1st then only drink her Choc Cream Chip~!!!
Actually she's the only one who can afford to do that..
Cuz she needs more WEIGHT~!!!!

After hours of chatting, we had to make a move..
Before that *Snap*

*Reunion of the EX~!!!!*

What a title..haha~!!!
Yes Khengz, we CAN see your cleavage..
Once again, really happy to see you~
Looking forward to see you again~!!

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