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Monday, 28 July 2008

Graduation Day~!!!! *Not Mine..*

NOTE: This graduation day post is not MINE~!!!!
Its a post I promised Grace that I'll write..
So for those of you who's not interested to read OTHER PEOPLE'S post,
there's the "X" Button on the top right corner..

YES~!!!!! Grace finally graduated from her Diploma course~!!!
Her graduation day was LAST SATURDAY (26 June 2008)
*I had mine last year already..*
In case you were wondering why did I promised to blog about HER graduation day,
its because I couldn't attend it as I had to go to Klang..
She made me pujuk her back and this is my "punishment"

So, graduation day..
Its ROBES, HATS, FLOWERS, FLASH..FLASH..FLASH~!!! *Hey!!Not flashing flash, but camera flash flash~!!!*
Since there are FLASHES and FLASHES and FLASHES,
Here comes the photos~!!!

*Graduating girl with her presents from family, boyfriend, and friends..*

*Graduating girl wearing my housemate's blouse and purple Harry Potter robe carrying her niece*
*I think School of Business' red Harry Potter robe looks better yeah, Yin??*

*Graduating girl with her boyfriend Maxis~*
*His chinese name is Maxis..REALLY~!!!!*

*Argh~!!!! She get to accept her Blue-tube-with-nothing-in-it from our Principal Ms. Yoong Lai Thye~!!!*
*I got it from some-politician-I-don't-even-care-to-know-his-name..*

*Duck quacking..*
*Quak Hui Chin...Quak Hui Chin...*

There are loads of photos which I didn't bother to upload..
Its all the same ler, just different-people-with-same-people..
No point right??
Its all about the sincerity, not the quantity of photos~

People who graduated the same time: *Those I can think of..*
1. Chew Yinxie *Loves*
2. Goh Sook Wai
3. Tan Ming Juin
4. Tan Ming Wei *Twins*
5. Tan Dong Hong *Not related to the Tan twins..*

Dai Gor Lui Jor..
Must be more matured than before because you're a Diploma holder ddi..
No more SPM cert holder..
Now we're at the same level ddi so you cannot always ask me to treat you good..
You must treat me good also..
For a start, you can collect the RM50k you promised me..

1 comment:

  1. fuiyo.. gor.. really post a blog for me wor.. thanks ya...
    gor, say properly leh.. not wan pujuk me.. is u promise me de.. who ask u dun1 cum my convo wor.. blek :P
    but gor, thanks anyway ar...
    n... if i get a dai sou jor den mz tel me ya... hehe...