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Sunday, 20 July 2008

The hunt is ON!!!!!!!

Yeah eVie is right..
I should hunt for her future daisou ddi..

So lets have a look at my options okay??

Contestant No. 1

*Danielle Chang Kheng Yee*
Age: 22
My first girlfriend..
We had our together time in form 3/4..
and we're good friends now..
No need to change that right??


Contestant No. 2 & No. 3

*Stefanie Elena Chin Lee Eng (left) Yvette Erin Raja (right)*
Age: 21
Nice couple of friends..
Really cool and easy going..
Love them~!!!
Stef's taken, Yvette not yet *I think*
But both of them are strong catholics and religion conflict is what I least want in a stable relationship..


Contestant No. 4

*"Henry" Lee Yean Ree*
Age: 21
My housemate..
Smart GIRL *Note that I emphasized GIRL*
Evie wouldn't want a daisou looking like THAT right??
Just making fun of Yean Ree..thats all


Contestant No. 5

*Cheah Yuen Sum a.k.a Dim Sum*
Quiet, Cool girl..
Doesn't talk much but nice to hangout with..
Doesn't smile in photos *You can see that*


Contestant No. 6

*Cheryl Looi Sook Mun*
Age: 22
I consider her as a close friend..
Really nice to hangout with..
She's available, but heart's somewhere else..


Contestant No. 7

Age: 21
Friend of Andrew and Wee Yen..
Hot chick~
Single *I think* and very available *I hope*
Oh~ She's Andrew's ex...right??


Contestant No. 8

*Hong Illyn*
Age: 21
The photo describes all..crazy~!!!
SO not my taste..right??
*No offence ya~!!!*
Love's Koreans and doing silly stuff..
Often get caught by the camera with her silly acts..


Contestant No. 9

Age: 21
Friend of Wee Yen..
Went out a couple of times..
Nice girl~Is like Florence Wong..


Contestant No. 10

*Li Sheen*
Age: 19/20
Funny girl~
Really funny~
Prom Princess..
She studies in UK by the way..London Imperial College~

There~!!! All 10 contestants for me to choose..
So whats my conclusion???
This post is PURE CRAP!!!!!
I'm just feeling very crappy right now..hehe~
Okay..Back to Assignments..

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