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Friday, 18 July 2008

I shouldn't be doing this~

Assignment deadline: 21st July 2008 (Monday)
Progress: 1%
Time needed to complete: 24hrs
Time left: 60hrs

Lots of time summore???
Think again~

Fri (Later) - Starbucks with Evie & Stef
Sat - Lunch with Kheng Yee
Complete Grace's Birthday Present
Start on Shzen Yee's Birthday Present
Grace's Birthday Party
Sun - Movie with Racheal
Mon - Hand up assignment

Let me tell you this..
I've been a FREAKING lazy person this semester!!
I have lotsa assignments to complete, yet I'm not doing it..

What did I do then?
Watch dramas, movies..
Play games, keyboard, guitar..
I rather blog than do my assignments~!!! *Swt*

I really need to change myself, but how??
I wonder..

Evie & Stef,
I know you're gonna go "Why don't you tell us that you're busy??!!!"
Its because I didn't want to..
I'm lazy, not busy..
Heh~ Don't hit me the next time you see me~!!!

1 comment:

  1. fuiyo.. gor, u really full of schedule oh?? my name appear two times wor.. haha (^_^)