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Monday, 21 July 2008

Don't watch it if you want to relax..

Just came back from a movie with Racheal~
*Contestant No. 9*

*The Dark Knight*

I bet lotsa you wanna watch it~
Here, I'll give you some words of advice..
1. Do not buy drinks. You may get popcorns if you want to.
2. Take a leak (go toilet) before you go into the cineplex.
3. Do not drink anything inside the cineplex.

You take the hint..
Its not worth to leaving the cineplex just because you need to go to the toilet..
Miss one thing, and spoil the movie~

The movie is GOOD..The best of its kind till date~
But its not the movie you wanna watch if you wanna relax..

*Just like this movie*

The Joker (Played by Heath Ledger) was SUPER!!!

*Heathcliff Andrew Ledger *

Considering it was his last movie, it was his best ever I must say..
Some of you might not remember who he was..
Or maybe you can't recognise him when he looked like this..

*Heath Ledger as The Joker*

I'm sure you've seen his movies before..

*Heath Ledger in A Knight's Tale*

*10 things I hate about you*

*Brokeback Mountain*

Remember him now??
Too bad~Because its too late to remember him right now because he's gone..
Died at age 28 due to intoxication by combined effects of:
1. Oxycodone
2. Hydrocodone
3. Diazepam
4. Temazepam
5. Aprazolam
6. Doxylamine
*I know..I don't know what all these are either*
Sources said that the manner of death is accident, resulting from abuse of presciption medications.

Okay okay~Enough of the sad stuff..
Just to get everyone excited about the movie, TWOFACE is back in the movie~!!

*He's back in the movie and i'll leave it to you to discover who's playing him..*

So, those of you who wants to watch it, good for you..Faster find time to watch..
Those of you who doesn't want to watch, you don't know what you're missing..
Those of you who wants to watch with me, I can watch again..haha~!!!


  1. bad gor gor har... go watch such nice movie oso din ask me go ar.. jealous jor.. blek :P but.... the batman was DAMN AWESOME!!! love it much...

  2. Heath Ledger's performance was truely spectacular. He left such a big impression upon the acting world, and upon myself as an aspiring actor.

    Rest In Peace Heath.