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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Its time to go~

I've been carrying this keyring ever since I came back from Singapore in May 2006..
Been carrying it for 2 years..

*My Apartment Keys*

When I bought it back then, it was a couple's keyring..
With both our names engraved on the metal piece, a guy and girl in each keyring, as well as a heart shaped ring that holds every key together..
I use the guy piece, with your name on it,
And you use the girl piece, with my name on it..

*My keyring*

Come to think of it, I've been carrying your name around for more than a year since we broke up..
I didn't thought of taking it down..
Maybe I wasn't prepared to let you go yet..
*Eventhough it was me who wanted a breakup..*

Come to think of it..I don't know you all that well..
I don't know/forgot what you like to eat..
I don't know/forgot what you don't eat..
I don't know/forgot what colour you like..

Looks like..I'm not a boyfriend material huh??
Anyways, I guess its time for me to let all these go..
Its time to stop carrying your name wherever I go..
Its time to do this..

*Free at last~*

Hopefully, you're living the live you deserve..
Although things cannot be changed now,
even if things can be changed,
I wouldn't want it to..
Things happen for a reason,
and for a purpose..
I believe, fate will take us where we are supposed to go..
My place and time

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