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Monday, 29 October 2007

Genting Trip 26th Oct~

a really long update with lotsa pics now~
A few of the AEM's went to Genting on the 26th of Oct..
thats about 2 days Lim Goh Tong died-ed i guess..
Supposed to go while he's still alive..
But we postponesd the plan cuz some of us can't make it as the decision of going there was too last minute~
but GUESS WHAT??!!!
Those peeps who can't make it the 1st time DIDN'T GO either~!!
They went singing karaoke instead of coming with us -_-"
anyways back to the story..
we DEM3 (last time) are well known to be GROUP cam whorers~
yeah i said GROUP..
cuz we can never (or hardly) take photos alone..
you'll see why later~
so as the famous GROUP cam whorers we gotta do what we gota do right??
and now, let the photos and captions do the narating..haha
1st photo of the day~!!
On the way up to Genting~

Notice how Soon Aik (the one missing from previous photo) has bad photo taking skills~

This is how the gondola looks like..
*for those who don't know*

Upon ARRIVAL!!!!

Getting down like VUPs (Very Uncivilised people)

Its been years since i went to genting
So i gotta look at the sign board for directions~

There~!!GROUP photo~

With me inside now~
the most Leng Chai wan LA!!!!

Hooi Hong (2nd from the left) looks SOOOO like the ppl working there..
(RM200 *hint hint*)

We found Chen Chen's (top left) hidden talent~
He's SUCH a poser~!!!and we never knew that..

Look at him...aih~

GROUP cam whorers in action~!!
*now you see why i said that??*

Nah~PROVE of me really going to Genting!!!
*if you don't believe la~*

i LOVEEEEEE this light~So prEEeeeTttYyyyy~!!!

GROUP photo again
*sweats*'s the part which i explain why we can hardly take individual photos..
1st, 1 person posing..THEN...

Another one jumps in..
*no one notices yet*
But as soon as someone notice it~

Everyone's rushing into the cam scope~!!!
uhh...OMB (oh my Buddha)

Now you see why there are so many GROUP photos??

haha~instead of shooting for others, sometimes you gotta take the blogger's photo aight??!!

Need i say anymore??

Here i go again, cam whoring~!!!!

If i'm a gurl, YOU'LL definitely see my CLEAVAGE~

Look at the only one with obvious pose~

Oh oh~ i love this wall~Outside Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Everyone feeling tired after the photo session??

Yeah right~!!!
like they ever get tired~

Hong Chuan and Soon Aik hitting on the gurl~

Ahh~my cup of Coffee~
*but i prefer Starbucks'*

Both my housemates~

Jackson posing the 'pick up' POSE..

Chong Yee smelling his fresh brew~
*so real*

Aik offering Taxi service..
*you know...those taxi drivers who rape their passengers??*

Few photos shot at the cafe we're having our buffet~
*sabar~Food's coming up~!!*

Housemate Photos~

We took this photo to compare whose thinner..
*who do you think??*

Guys and Girls pic~

Stupid Illyn (the one acting cute) Spoils the picture~!!!

Haha acting like that....statue (??)

This is what the statue (??) looks like originally..

Ahh~ here comes the food~!! Salad Bar 1st~
*So tastty looking yeah??*

Next the dessert
*I prefer the salad bar*

Here's my entre..

Then my main course~

After meal, everyone's checking their 1st semester exam results~!!
*nervous nervous*

Got good results??
NOPE NOPE~ dare not check~haha

AHH~!!!! Someone got it~!!!!

Start sharing...and sharing~

SMS others to ask the help check for us..
*no internet access..sad*

Those who checked are SMILING~!!!
*mostly satisfactory results right??*

Those cowards sit in another table far faraway~

After meal, the 'kids' come out to play~
*Doesn't that bring back memories??*

Guess who's playing machine (??)

Got who now???

The result of a happy child~
*I'm amazed at my photo taking skills~*

He redeemed a mug, and gave it to the gurl he likes..
*we tease him...but don't know if he really likes her*

Outdoor photo~

Right before going up the Gondola~


Say bye bye to Genting~

It was SO misty its scary~!!!
We're scared the bus will delay due to poor visibility~

But lucky it all went well~

We continue on our quest to fill the camera with photos~

This is just like the sony ericsson commercial..
K810i with photofix~

*and after~!!!*

Last photo before we get down~

SOOOOO many ppl waiting to get to genting~!!

I managed to take a shot of this pillar~
*I think its a pillar*

NOW we're officially out of Genting~!!

But the photo shooting hasn't stopped~

Of course~!!!the owner of this blog AND the camera must have the last shot right??
and there it is~
a 1 day trip to Genting...
Will update on the outing the girls (who never came to genting) have soon..
*IF i get the photos from them*
and also the surprise party at night..
gotta wait awhile cuz the camera isn't with me right now~
-:- LesBiE -:-
-- tOok mE fEw hoUrs fRom uPloAd tO poSt --

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