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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Bad start for the day~

Know what??
I didn't plan to blog right now~
but i Gotta~!!!!
I'm so upset at this moment..
*actually it was moments ago*
I lost all my contacts in my phone~!!!!
okay this is how it happened..
*think think think*
It doesn't really matters how i lost it right??
the fact is I lost it~!!!!!
so geram today...
anyways i'm not just a whiner..
i did things to recover my contacts..
although not fully, i've gotten 1/3 of my contacts back..
thanks to the help of Lwin who gave me all the DEM3's numbers he has..
i'm gonna ask Ojian for the JM group,
Cheryl to give me the DJ group,
and Crystal *hopefully* can give me the 30hr famine group..
oh oh not to forget my Yuk Chai friends..
their phone numbers are in my sg buloh home..
i saved them there..
lets see...who else~
yeah yeah~Kewei, Xiannie, and all those belonged in that group~!!
Evelyn can give me..
right EVIE???
you're just so sweet you know that???
anyways enough of ranting..
*oh evie, i didn't rant to you cuz you weren't online*
Guess things aren't that bad after all aight????
-:- LesBiE -:-
-- sMiliNg aGaiN --

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