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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Jackson & Tuck Cheong's birthday~

Was lazy to blog yesterday thats why i gotta blog today..haha
So, last thursday, the AEM group went to NEO'S Steamboat *should've collected ad fees" to celebrate Jackson and Tuck Cheong's birthday~
It was a cool place, newly opened by Ming Chuan's friend..
BTW..Ming Chuan is the one eating the ice cream
*you'll see it later*
the concept is like "Yuan" in Subang..
and its located much nearer to our college than "Yuan"..
so thats our best choice~

Here's the details including price and openning hours..
no address though..
We biasa see this in buffets kan??
Right before eating..

Look at our efficiency in camwhoring la~
wonder why never this efficient when it comes to studies..haha

Take food also wanna cam whore~!!

Yaye everyone started "cooking"

My table is number "23"

Yeah...this is our steamboat~
*the only table clever enough to put herbs*
YUM yuM~!!!

Ming Chuan enjoying his LALA~

Everyone's happily eating~!!

Freaking Lwin~Posing still wanna makan..

Yeah~everyone's enjoying themselves~

All the girls...
...and the guyz~

After makan *or rather half way* I started silly posing..
Yeah this was my idea...

...and everyone follow suit~
Me and my wacky ideas again...
*no...i'm not retarded*

Retards following..haha

FUCK OFF WANKERS!!! love that shirt man~!!

This is brotherly love~

Kek "cake" and the birthday boy~

One of our special guest Lwin(middle)
left us after half semester..

oh no~someone spotted us taking photos...

...and he jumps in~!!!

1 head shorter~

Yean Ree, Lwin, and Jackson...

Look at Chong Yee trying to steal the limelight behind~


Dessert time~
*so fast???*

Kek's soooo tall he and to bend down...

This is the LEGENDARY Ming Chuan~!!!
He finished BIG MAG in 3 BITES~!!!

After dinner...

...piggyback RIDE~!!!


yeT another staircase~

Lwin is a freaking camwhorer~
*aren't we all??*

So am i kan??
*ngek ngekz*

We got horny and started fondling Kelvin's 'breast'..

LOOK AT MING CHUAN (top left)~!!!

Everyone reached their 'limit'..

Someone STOLE my CARROTS~!!!!


How gross can Hooi Hong BE??!!!
*licking Ming Chuan in public*

Here comes the cake~

Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to @%##^#$^&#@$!~
Happy Birthday to you~
*this was EXACTLY how we sang it*

Group birthday photo~!!!

Really cute couple~

Birthday kisses~!!!!

Feed the birthday boy~

Returning a kiss is he??

Look at his horny face~!!!

YUm yuM cakE~

Kek's trying to steal his cake~

Acting cute with cake huh??

Feed the cameraman CAKE~!!!

We ran out of things to play~
*and tea too*
Now, we're gonna kick them outta the Restaurant~!!!
but is it all oveR??
The night is still SOOOOO young~!!!
and so are we~!!

Never miss a chance of cam whoring while you're still young..

Went to KTZ for desserts~
*didn't had enough in NEO's*

Batman's sleepy already??

GOSH~!!!!Cherlene showing her sexy side~!!!

Spot the difference~
*which is real and which is fake??*

Yean Ree with her Mango Loh~

Cherlene: Red Bean Lwin: Turtle Jelly Me: Kiwi Loh
*Damn i miss kewei...*
Kewei~if you're reading this...
I Miss you~!!!

This is called Brothers~

Half eaten dessert~

Jackson with his Honeydew Loh~
and that ends the Birthday celebration~!!!
Notice that whenever AEMs go out, my blog posts are very very very long~
in fact..i've short listed the photos..
the initial number of photos: 179
Current: don't know..
anyways its getting soooo late...
update other time ya~!!!
-:- LesBiE -:-
-- DEM3 & AEMs are so much fun~!!! --

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