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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Here we come, there they go...

Have you had the same experience??
You were walking on the street, shopping, hanging out with friends..
and suddenly a stranger approaches you
He/she (couldn't be gender bias) was holding a folder or a stack of papers..

Immediately, you stuck out your hand,
as if hinting to them that you're not interested in whatever they're offering..

I guess most of us do this now eh??
if not, we might just ignore them or walk away..

Well, I have the same experience lately..
the difference is I'm the one holding the folder..

You see, last friday my assignment team went to several places to do a fieldwork to gather data via questionaires for our Marketing Research assignment..
Our initial plan was to stay in 1 place for 1 hour, and move on to the next place as each of us only has to survey 6 person..
5 different places, 1 hour each, another 1 hour lunch, and 2 hours travelling allowance..
this was what i thought..9 hours and we're done~!!
To my dismay, things didn't turn out as well as i thought..

Our 1st destination was SS2, in PJ..
actually i chose that place because i had to take my car for servicing at 8:30am and i thought my team can come fetch me from SS19 which is so near..
Mana tau they said they can handle it so i waited for my car in the Perodua service centre till 12pm..
And do you know how long it took 4 person to gather 30 questionaires??
2 hours~!!!
My teammates walked along SS2,
there were SO many people there but most of them rejected my teammates as soon as they approach them..

Okay, SS2 isn't a very nice place to gather data..
Next we went to 1Utama..
that place was a haven man~!!!
everything went smoothly..
everyone gathered their 6 questionaires within an hour..
As this was my 1st time gathering the data,
My confidence level was pretty high after that very hour..
Out of the 8 person i approach,
6 were willing to spare a few moments of their time to help me..
*happy happy*

After 1Utama, we hurried to our 3rd destination - Sunway pyramid..
urgh~!! Remember that i only spent 1 hour collecting 6 questionaires?
After 2 hours, I still haven't succeed in getting 1 questionaire done~!!
can't believe it man~!!
my confidence level plunged so low i can barely look at myself in the mirror and say "You can do it"
SP was a total disaster for me~!!
I wanted to give up so much~!!
but i can't ler..because i have to complete my assignments..

That day, my team only managed to go 3 places..
we'll have to go to the other 2 places some other time...
Phew..Finally i had time to rest..
and built my confidence back by doing things that i'm good at..

Lesson learned~!!!
The next time anyone approaches me for a survey,
i'll definitely help~!!!

*Actually i do help, i always do except its a saleperson, or some charity organisation*

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