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Monday, 19 November 2007

I can'T gO foR camp~!!!!

sO sad~!!!
i Can't go to camp~!!
not the upcoming camp that was held on 17/18 nov~
but the camp thats gonna be held on 20 - 23 dec..
actually i was kinda happy that i recieved a msg about the camp..
they were asking me if i can help out in the camp..
btw, the camp is organised by Negeri Sembilan's Buddhist Association..
its gonna be a great camp, i thought..
as soon as i wanted to press the send button on my reply,
suddenly something struck me~!!
20 - 23 dec is the 11th week of my semester..
i have Marketing Research presentation on that week..
which means...i have to either skip camp, or skip my class??
I chose to skip camp for a few hours,
travel all the way back to KL just for that friggin class..
yesh yesh..i think that'll work..
so i happily go plan all my stuff again ler...
i can't go~!!!
heart break man~!!!
i've made a promise to a girl early this year..
i can't simply just break that promise right??
gonna give up camp because of that promise??
or gonna give up the promise for the camp??
i know i can't give up the promise cuz i dowana lose my bestfriend..
but i'm just being a denial ler...
wanted to go for the camp so much~
its all gonna happen on that ONE FATEFUL DAY~!!!
23rd ofDecember...
*ish ish*
there's gonna be the camp..
Its Crystal's Prom night~
I'm her date...

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