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Friday, 9 November 2007

A series oF miSfoRtunatE evEntS ~

Do you ever believe in blessing in disguise??
Well i don't know if i should believe it at this moment..
today is jinxed i tell you~!!
Today is jinxed~!!!!!

Lets see..what happened today..
oh~ early morning, my mom's leg was knocked (?) caught in between (?) i don't know what you call it~!! but her leg was injured cuz the auto gate closed upon her~!!
*and it still bruises*
Next, i went to college just to see Mr. Lim, my marketing research lecturer..
Wanted to get his advice for my assignment,
but got only 2 lines of answers.

"Is it about the presentation tomorrow?
If it is then i will comment on it tomorrow to be fair to the others..."

what kinda lecturer is this??
FAIR is for those who took the trouble to drive 20mins to college to get quality advice..
FAIR is for those who got bad comments for not going to look for the lecturer..
anyways its no biggie..hah~!!!
But before i went to college, i parked my car at Jackson's place..
*i gotta talk about Mr. Lim 1st cuz thats why i went to college*
Right before i reached his house, i RAMMED over a coconut..
its juice splashed all over the left side of my car..
*oh bother...its asking me to go wash my car*
anyways i wiped the juice off my car, and *tuck* i heard the car lock...
and this was my view upon hearing that sound..
If you notice, my car keys are still inside~!!!
i have to trouble my sis to bring my spare car keys to me...
and its another 20mins drive for her...
*hope she's not cursing me on the way here*
See, the 3 things happen ddi...
and who said bad luck comes in 3???
On my way home, i was.."okay okay, no biggie anymore..."
and suddenly i saw a humongous right signal right flashing right beside my car~
and *WHAMP* my car was hit by a car trailer as soon as i stepped on the brake pedal..
For those of you who has no idea what a car trailer is...
this is a car trailer..
i didn't take the photo of it cuz the camera's not with me..
so i googled it..
Luckily i braked my car..and only the front part got hit..
like this...
OMG man~!!!my poor car...
but lucky for me the driver is nice enough to have guilty conscience..
he apologized, and said he has only RM100 with him now..
and of course i'm a nice guy too..
after 10minutes of checking my car, and calling my dad,
i accepted the 100bucks and just forget about it..
*the repair probably cost more than 300bucks*
well, i know i'm stupid, but he's in a hurry to IPOH~!!
i don't care if he's lying...i trust him..haha
so after taking the money, he apologize once again..
and shook hands, hugged, and said goodbye..
*i'm not serious about the hug thing*
Poor guy, 100bucks poorer...
poor dad, few hundred bucks poorer~!!
well, i have to say...the day ISN'T OVER yet~!!!
when i reached home, my mom was on the phone with her employee..
apparently, those workers have very short term memory..
how to say this...hmm...
okay...lets say they we supposed to go to place A,B,C in sequencial order for maintainence service,
my mom even wrote it down for them
*in case they forget*
but they went to place C,B,A in sequencial order for the maintainence!~!!
how outta their mind can these ppl be??
well, its not my unfortunate event, but its my family's right??hehe
i hope things will be better starting from this instance..hee~!!
HApPY BirTHdAY DaDDy~!!!!!

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