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Monday, 26 November 2007

Nightmare in Merdeka...

Why did i say its nightmare in Merdeka??
Don't get me wrong..I'm not talking about National Day or Independence Day..
I'm merely talking about the TVXQ concert that was held in Stadium Merdeka last Saturday..
*Btw for those of you who has no idea who TVXQ is,
they're a Korean boy band consist of 5 good looking guys..
just like the Fahrenheit*
Okay back to the story..
Why was i there you say?
No no..I'm not one of their fans who went to see them live..
I'm just merely a student who wants some money to support my daily spending..
I was in charged of ticket checking along with Wee Yen at the 2nd left door..
2 persons per door...
with some help of RELA..
Thank GOD for the RELA team~!!!!
without their help, i might not even survive the stampede of girls..
Lemme give you a scenario to imagine..
Just imagine there are 2 wooden framed glass doors in front of you..
then you see TVXQ Asia Tour poster on the glass...
beyond the glass is a few hundred of girls impatiently waiting for the doors to open so that they can snatch a good place in front of the stage..
Now, as soon as you open 1 door, the girls started shouting..
*Why i said girls is cuz almost 95% of the audience consist of girls~!!!*
Its not the screaming that scares me..
Its the CROWD that's scaring me~!!!
Even with 3 RELA members to make a human barricade right in front of the door,
the girls kept pushing their way into the stadium..
They kept pushing and pushing..
Remember the 2 wooden framed glass doors i asked you to imagine??
Now..imagine that the glass cracked~
not just a small crack, but a HUGE one across the whole door~!!!
No one in their sane mind could even crack the door with their body unless they weighs 200lbs~!!
As soon as the door cracked, the RELA members got furious..
some whistled, some shouted..
ANYTHING to control the crowd~!!
We even had to close the doors so that the people at the other end of the world will settle down..
That was the scariest part in the entire concert..
At 1st, i thought that this only happens on my side of the stadium..
Apparently, the same thing happened on the other side of the stadium not far from me..
talk about making girls angry....
Now i would think 5 times before trying to make a girl angry...

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