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Monday, 19 November 2007

saYonAra spEckiE~

My specs said goodbye to me ddi~!!!
*actually this happened 7days ago, but i have no time to blog HEE~!!!*
so Sad wey~!!
nOw my world is so blurry...
lucky i have contact lenses to substitute the absence of speckie..
but then, i can't wear it all the time right??
know what??
* I miss my levi's specs~!!! *
i'm dowana get a new specs...
i want levi's~
love that specs so much~
know what??
i realise i've been using my blog as a rant sink...
so many unfortunate things happened to me last 2 weeks...
hopefully it's turning better and better...
Last thurday, i went to the career fair in my college...
i got nothing outta it~!!!
so UNLIKE past years~!!!!
everything is not in place~
but lucky i don't have my specs on and didn't wear contacts that day..
it made the world looked soooo beautiful..
everyone looked so beautiful that day cuz i can't see their face..
*Thank Buddha for it HEE~!!!*
my friends went there just to see the airline ladies~
haha but all went back with a sour face cuz their makeup was sooo think that they look like a clown..hee~!!!
anyways everything turned up well ler for my spec-less days..
i'm still specless now, but i think i'm getting used to it ddi..
still wondering how to fix my specs..
i dowana spend another RM268 to get another same spec, unless necessary..hee~!!!

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