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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 42 (Summer Oriental Party)

Hi all!!!
I haven't been clubbing in United Kingdom

Cuz booze here is pretty cheap and clubs aren't just that fun here anymore.
BUT today's blog post is about a club.
Embrace - Summer Oriental Party
Like the name suggests, the club is full of asians *mostly TARC students*
The club receives bad rating from me.
Why so? I'm not gonna go in-depth.
But basically its not because of the crowd.
Its about the song choice, sound system etc.
Okay, lets just skip the boring part.


Bought a ticket to this party from Rachel *my sifu*
This ticket is expensive but since most of my friends are going,
I just tagged along.
Can see how's the clubs in UK also.
Lets move on to photos now.

Pre party photos

*The whole group*

*The GUYS*

Yes, Winnie's a guy to us *lol*

Look closely and you can see the guys hiding at the back

*Mana aku pigi??!!!!*

*The posers!!*

*This was how the photo should look like. But...*

*...Sunkel jumped into the picture to spoil it*

*By the town hall. Or was it the city hall??*

*Semua orang posing*

*We spoiling the girls' photo...*

*...then Cherlene spoil our photo pulak!!*

*Cherlene, Winnie, Peywen*

*Yuet Hwa and BIG sister*

Inside the club
Oh most of the photos here are of BAD quality.
I don't like my phone camera quality!!!

*Yvette & Stefanie*

*Yvette & I*

*Andrew & Stef*

*Mei Mun & Stef*

*The 3 beauties of AEM*


*Ming Hong & his flatmates*

*Andrew & Yvette*

*Mei Mun, Andrew*

*BIG sister Mong Jia & I*

*BIG sister's facial expression is PRICELESS!!!!*

*Dua budak ni acting cute*


*Lepas tu straight pengsan*
Oh I didn't really faint.

*Mong Jia macam having sweet dreams only*

*Sunkel and I*

*Marketing beauties and I*

*Melisa, from Catholic High*

*Rachel & I*

*The Sifus*

Rachel is a nice girl.
Will talk more about her when I've interviewed her.
I know you GUYS out there are interested. haha!!

So, after hours of dancing, drinking and talking, we left the club at 3am.
This is the FIRST time I sweat decently in UK.
No sports can make me sweat this much here!!
MAIN REASON: This is indoor

Before I sign off, let me just share a final photo.
This was taken some time in the club.

*Aku dah tak boleh dah!!*
Haha this photo is a fake. I wasn't drunk.

Oh daddy mommy!!!
I know you will be reading about this post.
I don't always go to places like this!!!
Its not really a bad place la. It just involves loud music and alcohol.
But as a responsible young man, I have fun SAFELY.
Haha!! Don't worry ya!! I'm NOT a bad boy (:

Okie, Adios!!!!


  1. mummy ask me to start a blog. 0.0

  2. Lol!!!
    I know you sure say dunno how/what to blog wan right? wahahaha!!!

  3. i told her i can't commit myself into writing blogs. i cant even write a personal journal for more than 3 days.

  4. Well, it takes time and commitment la.
    Once you have a stable number of readers ddi, you will be determined to write.

    Nvm la, tell mommy you don't write blog. But webcam with her. Daddy got new laptop ma, got webcam there I think.