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Monday, 6 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 30 (Something everyone already knows, but its burried deep down inside)

Mommy sent me offline msgs when I was napping this afternoon.
She said that she never knew watching movies can give anyone inspiration.

To me, it does. Movies speak to me. They deliver a massage.
Some argue that psychologist tell us things that we already know.
Its just that it never crossed in our mind at that certain time.
I call that burried deep in our heart.

I believe that everything we see, hear, touch, feel, taste, and think doesn't gets forgotten.
It gets locked up in some parts of our memory like an archive, only brought out when you find it.
Its actually quite conflicting with my memory now as it is BAD.
I have selective memory. I choose what I wanna remember. The rest...goes into the archive.
I think its because I don't make a point to remember it, like dates, past events etc.
I should work on my memory, but am too lazy to do so.
That is why, I admire eVie's brain!!!

Okay, what has movies got to do with all these?
You know, there are many words of wisdom in movies.
Its especially true when the main character is almost giving up and someone comes to motivate them again.
Hence making them INVINCIBLE!!!
These words of wisdom(or whatever you call them) are also things that we already know.
But it just never cross our minds.

Everytime these words/meaning crosses my mind, it always hit my hard.
Then, I can't stop smiling because listening it again gives new meaning to me depending on what situation I'm in.
Its really helpful most of the time.
I love it!!!

So, I was watching another movie today.
And the quote-of-the-day is:
"Always have faith in who you are" by Son Gohan(Goku's Grandfather)
Who don't already know about this?
I believe that everyone know that you should have faith in who you are.
But you don't keep that in mind everytime.
Let its effect on you wear out as time passes.
This is what humans do!!! Its natural!!

Its really nice to have a teacher who guides you so that you are able to stand up after a fall.
This "teacher" can be anyone, anything.
Family, Friends, Strangers, Animals, etc.
I'm glad that movies/dramas/songs guide me wherever I go.
I'm truly blessed.

"Always have faith in who you are"
- Son Gohan, Dragonball: Evolution -

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