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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 28 (Just another Saturday)

No happy post today..
I'm sorry but no, there's no happy post today.
A guy away from his home country where his family and friends are is allowed to miss home right?
So thats what I'm doing now.

I miss home.
Home is where I go whenevery I'm feeling sick or unhappy.
Home is where I go when I'm left all alone.
Because I know that there will definitely people at home everynight.
That is when daddy and mommy comes back from work.
Though I normally stay in my room facing my laptop because the tv and the computer will be on.
Sometimes I just can't concentrate with my stuff.
But hearing noises, hearing people talking tells me that I'm not alone in the house.
It feels warm..

Whenever I am sick, even if its just a little feverish,
I'd call back home to tell mommy that I'm not feeling very well.
I'd also ask her to cook plain porridge for me.
Our family likes plain porridge with a few side dishes.
It is OUR food.
I'll drive back home, have the porridge and medicine.
I don't have to be alone anymore.

Though there'll definitely be arguments within the family.
But it doesn't last long.
Of course there'll be scars and we do not forget.
But we don't hate each other.
Leave it aside so we can think straight when we're less angry.
I know, it is always us - the younger generation's fault.
No matter how much we object our parents' thinking, we have to talk to them in a polite matter.
I suck at doing that. Am trying to control my temper but I still suck at that.

Daddy, Mommy..
I know you're reading this.
I love you and I miss you. Living in UK isn't the same as living in KL.
I cannot go back home whenever I want to.
I'll take care of myself and you should take care of yourself, okay?
I love you..
*Sorry readers..I have to make the font bigger so that my parents won't strain their eyes!!!*

I miss my friends.

I have many friends.
Different groups of friends in different affiliates.
Different age group.
Different location.

Different groups of friends will have different common goal or interest.
I can find the right group of friends to do the things that I want to do.
We help each other out, work together towards our goal and passion.
I like that.
Sure, there'll always be conflicts between friends.
Sometimes, people will forget how to work together.
It is common in an organisation, what more between friends?
But I still like them. I still treat them with 100% sincerity and I do not fake myself with them.

I miss you!!!!
The top friends in each individual groups are:
Jetavana: Ee Ling, Bei Lynn, Chien Huey, Her Sheng, Yi Shan
DJ Librarians: Evelyn, Yinxie, Stef, Shzen Yee, Tze Xian, Hwee Sann
DJ: Sook Mun, Kheng Yee, Ke Wei
Heap Hope/Beautiful Gate/Famine Camp: Chien Hui, Eewen
TARC: Andrew, Ivy, Sook Wai, Florence, Grace
Others: Peggy, Crystal Lee, May Ann, Siok Hui

NOTE: These are top friends, if your name is not in here please don't feel offended k?
I still like you all..I do!!!

I miss Malaysia.

Malaysia isn't the greatest country in the world.
There can never be a greatest country in the world.
You gain good technological advancement, you lose moral civilization.
There can never be a country that is good at everything.

Malaysia does has its own problems,
Politics, Economics, Social, Technology (P.E.S.T <- Marketing jargon..Lol!!!)
It doesn't have the best internet connection speed,
It doesn't have the best political leaders,
It doesn't have the lowest crime rate,
It doesn't have alot of things.
But I still love it.
I can live 23 years in its lands, there is no reason to hate it.
There is no reason to like another country more than Malaysia.
UK, Japan, New Zealand is nice.
But i'm sure that there are things that Malaysia can offer and they can't.
I love Malaysia!!!

I miss my spending power in Malaysia.

I feel so much poorer here.
Have to be thrifty about everything.
When I walk on the streets in Malaysia and I feel thirsty,
I can grab a LARGE bottle of 100plus from 7-11 without giving much thought.
I have to wait until I'm home to drink plain water over here.
The things here are just too expensive for me.
I know I shouldn't be converting the currency too much here.
But I have places that I really wanna travel here and I don't want my parents to give me more money for my leisure.
Its their hard earned money so I should save more on my daily expenses to travel.
I get emo over the expenses here often.
I miss spending money without thinking much in Malaysia, for cheap things of course!!

These are the top 4 things I miss here. Currently.
No, there's no "I miss my girlfriend" here.
Haha!!! I'm uber mean!!!
But yinli, you do know I love you right?
I know you do..
Btw, it was our seventh month together on July 1.
The relationship isn't very long yet, but its going strong.

*Our seventh month wallpaper*

Thats all for my emo post.
Homesick-ness is trying to overpower my willpower now.
I gotta release it a little.
Thanks for reading this!!!

Next post: Night walk in Sheffield

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  1. you are mean. ):
    i wouldnt realise if you didnt post that.
    oh well.
    yup i know. (: