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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 65 (Land of Kilts Part 2)

Hi all!!
Sorry I've been away once again.

Lets continue our Scotland trip shall we???
*refers to where leslie left off*

So after a few hours' sleep, we got up early to continue our trip.

*Miss Erk acting cute early in the morning*

Since we haven't explored Glasgow in the day, the People Palace was the 1st place we went to.
Its a museum for the people, showing exhibits about the people in Glasgow.

*At the park right before the people palace*

*Old school poses*

*The weather has been good!!*

*We met our national flower there!!!*

*Salute to the Hibiscus*

*Ming Hong introducing the Hibiscus*

*Peewee and I loves flowers*

*Tropical feel in Scotland*

Attempts to pose like the signs..




At the cheese shoppe..Fake cheese~

*Simply ir-reCHEESE-able*

*Even Peewee can't resist it*

*Stef the cheese maker*

*Ancient guitar*

*Allen(girl) on Fung(donkey)*

*Do they look alike??*

*Giant Stef drinking water like a dog*

After People's Palace, we head to another museum.
I forgot what museum is it already.
*Can anyone help??*

*I-forgot-its-name museum*

*What's Fung taking???*

*Rupa-rupanya ada kids running around..Oh such childhood memories~*

*I just LOVE the greens!! Why can't we have such nice grass in Malaysia??*

As we hear sounds of the pipe organ coming out from the museum,
we head straight into it to see whats happening..

*Entrance is free but they except donations*

*The performance ended as soon as we entered the building!!!!!*

Oh gosh we missed a pipe organ performance *sobs*

*Leslie LOVES pipe organs*

*The museum really gives a very museum-y feeling*

*Sculpture of the harpy*

*Exhibition of emotions*

Right there and then is when Stef asked me,
"Do you like the history, or the art?"
"The art", I replied.
I like to read about certain histories like the knight templars and mason etc.
But those are the certain ones I'm interested about.
It all began with Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons"
*I didn't start liking it recently, its a few years back*

Art is more easily accepted by me.
Its because I can relate it to my life by its own.
I can only relate certain histories to my life.
Most of them are pretty irrelevant.

Okay lets continue about arts..

*Beauty of the body*

*Beauty and masculinity*

*Baby Ming Hong*
This photo is edited laa.

*A play area for kids..*

*..and us too!!*

After a few more exhibition halls, we made our way out of the museum.
There are more museums in Glasgow which we'd like to visit but there's no time left.
We have to head to our next destination, Lock Lomant.

Loch = Lake in Scottish *I think*
As for Loch Lomant, wait for the next post!!!

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