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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 69 (Land of Kilts Part 4)

Hi all!!!

After the brief visit to Loch Ness,
we headed to Inverness for lunch and hoping that we can find interesting things there.
But luck wasn't with us.
I'm not sure if its just us, but Inverness has nothing to see!!

When we arrived there, the streets were pretty much dead.
We drove around the city to look for food, yet there aren't many people on it.
Maybe its because its a weekend.
Oh well..We look for a place to have a decent lunch as we hadn't had one for a long time.
*DECENT lunch, not lunch*

*Don't know the name of the place, but its a restraunt bar*

The food wasn't quite expensive.
About the same as most restaurants in Sheffield.
We were so overwhelmed by decent pasta and seafood platter that we finished the whole plate before snapping a photo of it.
When we thought about it, it was too late..
*Everyone: Uh-oh~*

Like I've said in the previous post,
a hungry man makes an angry man.
After a nice lunch, everyone had smiles on their face.
Its time to continue our trip H-A-P-P-I-L-Y!!
*If you're happy and you know it, clap your hand* *clap clap*

Further up the street, we saw this..

*MY hairdressing salon*

It reminds me that I should get a haircut already.
But *hehe* I still haven't cut my hair.
Oh well, we shall see how it goes *smile*

We walked along the river in Inverness, hoping to stumble upon nice places.
But Inverness actually failed to do so.
Nevertheless, there will be some photos.
Not some, maybe quite a lot!!!
Here goes!!

*River that separates Inverness in two*

*Sparkle of the sun*

*Fung, Allen*

*Coursemates + travel buddies*

*Fung with infrared effect*

*On the bridge*

*Stef, you were supposed to look the other way!!*

*..and finally, ME!!*

*Inverness - its bigger than just the photo*

*Passerby(s) laughed at them*

*Statue impersonation*

Okay, there's not many photos taken in Inverness.
Oh well..after Inverness we head to Carbisdale Castle.
Carbisdale Castle is actually a youth hostel.
We booked a room there for the night.
What makes it interesting is it is said to be haunted.
I'm not sure how true is it, but thats what we were told.

Before arriving at the castle, we stopped at a "roadside parking area" to get some fresh air.
We also stopped because the view was pretty nice.
If I'm not mistaken, its the place where two rivers meet each other.

*Its a really long river*

*Fung's turn, and..*


*Panaromic view of the rivers*
Don't know if you can see it clearly.

If you're wondering where's Allen, he was sleeping in the car.
After driving from Isle of Skye to Inverness, I'm sure he's tired already.
Actually, we tried waking him up to look at the view
but he got up, look awhile and went back to sleep.
We suspect that he didn't really wake up that time. *LOL*

Okay, we reached Carbisdale castle soon after that place.
It was scary I tell you..
Not the castle, but Stefenie's driving.
We were driving on a one-lane coastal road.
One lane, two directions.
There are many turnings which allows both cars to pass if they happen to meet each other.
But Stef drove otherwise. Moving at a pretty high speed on a single lane road.
She hardly brakes the car even when its reaching a blind spot.
Its really crazy!!!

After our terror ride, here's Carbisdale castle!!

*Castle surrounded by the woods*

*Carbisdale Castle*

*Statue - full of em in the castle*

*Lucky we didn't see a third person in the photo*

*Beautiful fireplace*

I'm not exaggerating but I really felt uncomfortable there.
Everything is gloomy, I'm not sure if the environment is manmade or it really feels eerie.
The paintings on the wall looks like they're looking at you no matter where you go.
The place is dark and cold. You won't sing a happy song there.
It probably is haunted.

*Four new monsters in the castle*

*Eerie - you can feel it*

*Look closely and you'll see a black figure behind stef*

*Look closely and you'll see legs*

*Here's the ghost of carbisdale*

*I wonder who took this photo*

*Stef at the fireplace*

*Fung acting as a BULL!!*

*The hallway - a small part of the castle*

After bathing and cleaning ourselves up, we played.
We listen to music while I transfered the photos to my laptop.
Since we bought a carton of Stella Artiose from Sainsbury in Glasgow,
we finished up the whole thing.
Not much left actually thanks to Fung and Allen.
I only had 4 bottles. *lol!!*

Note to Mommy: No, your son isn't an alcoholic

After a few rounds of beer, we totally forgot about the haunted thing.
We sang, danced, laugh and feel asleep.
We have videos but since it doesn't come from me, I won't post it.
After a good night sleep, its daylight again!!!
We survived our haunted mission!!!

*Its a brand new day!!!*

*Cheers to courage!!*

*A bid goodbye to a wonderful experience*

Next up: Black Isle Brewery and Edinburgh!!!


  1. lolz...u really spam kao kao~
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  2. Lol!!! yeah photo spamming.
    UK connection fast then say la.
    Msia siput mia speed, dunno can support anot.
    Go back baru tau.
    Thanks alot man~