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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 93 (August 31, 1957)

Was browsing through facebook just now
*I've been browsing facebook all day for months now (:*

and Pauline shared a video posted by Katak Chua.


To those of you who have problem watching this video,
or those who doesn't wanna watch it, here's what the video's about.
A man approaching different people in Malaysia asking them to sing a note.
Then he combines all those voices into the National Anthem of Malaysia.
"Many faces, Many voices, 1 Malaysia"

Things do not look good in Malaysia now.
But I really hope that 1 Malaysia succeeds its mission.
I'll really be great to see the 17 or more races unite as one right??!!!
There isn't any 3 major races in Malaysia anymore.
Its 17 now..No need to compare which race is bigger, everyone's a MALAYSIAN!!

This video brings back memories..
Lots of them..
Truthfully, I like our National Anthem.
I remember the 1st time I felt that way was when I was in Japan.
Was sitting in front of the piano and started playing our National Anthem.
I didn't know why but it just came out.
Right there and then, I thought
"Its a really nice tune, the lyrics are nice too.
So why didn't I feel that way last time??"

I know, most of us "Yuck" when we hear, or were requested to sing the National Anthem.
Why??? I guess its because we were "forced" to sing it when we're still in school.
Singing/hearing the Anthem brings us back to our schooling days when we were uncool.
Also, we don't like it due to peer pressure.
Everyone seem to dislike it, so we don't even give ourselves a chance to like it.
Its the wrong mentality people!!! WRONG!!!!

Listen to the National Anthem.
Its not that bad..Without it, where will you be now?
In a warzone?? Under other's rule?? I don't know!!
All I know is I like our National Anthem.
Now, there's a video below and I'm asking you to watch it.
Its our official version of our National Anthem.
Watch it when you're alone if you don't want people to know.
Put on earphones..Listen to it..Feel it..
Hopefully you'll like it too.

*Negaraku - My country*

Oh, what's with August 31, 1957???
For those of you who have no idea
*I'm not refering to fellow Malaysians*

This is the day when Malaysia was declared independent.
It was called Malaya back then.
Malaya or Malaysia, I still love you.

I truely hope that Malaysians will unite as one.
Happy National Day

*Jalur Gemilang*

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