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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Disney Displays at NZX, Ara Damansara

Hrm.. I've been missing-in-action again huh??
Starting my 1st post of the year..

*Skipping the past events..Will continue them in due time*


Yinli's going back to Kampar ddi..
So we went to NZX in Ara Damansara for dinner, and to see the Disney displays over there..
*It is seriously not worth it!!hehe*

Anyways, we went to Full House for dinner..
Since so many people posted photos about it before ddi,
I will not be posting so many photos about it ler..hehe~



*Her Breaded Chicken -- Our Blueberry with peppermint soda -- My Fish and Chips*

When our food just arrive, Yinli spotted someone *or maybe some-few*

*Sann -- Derek -- Joey -- Shzen*

*Us having our meal -- Our unfinished plate -- Thank you*

After our dinner, we went to see the disney display..
Ticket cost RM10 per adult..
*Too bad yinli can't pass of as a kid*
So RM20 and in we go!!

*Finding Nemo -- Bambi -- Pinochio -- Winnie the Pooh -- Mickey*

*Minnie -- Mickey -- Donald -- Goofy*

*Pluto -- Chip & Dale -- Buzz Lightyear -- Mickey*

*Lilo and Stitch*

*Tigger -- Daisy -- Jack Skellington*

*The larger light displays*

*Mickey -- Woody -- Wall.E -- Dumbo*

*Marie -- Chip & Dale*

*Me -- Yinli -- Bozz*

There, some mini photos of what to expect in NZX when you go there..
Nothing much, but not too little as well..

*And I just realised I don't have a photo taken with Sann!!!*

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