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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Yinxie's 21st Birthday Dinner

Short post short post!!!
Since there'll be people blogging about this.

Went to Decanter to celebrate Yinxie's birthday dinner.
Overall, not a bad place.
GOOD food, GOOD environment, *Most importantly* GOOD company.

Next up!! Photos~

*People there*

Yinxie, Xiang, eVie, Sann, Shzen, Jing, Me!!!

*Decos and lighting*

*Food and Drinks*

1. Sann and Shzen's Hainanese Chicken Chop
2. Jing's Spinach soup
3. eVie's Chicken *Makes Sann and Shzen's dish look like kiddy meal*
4. Vienna Coffee
5. Seafood Vongole
6. Bread & Butter Pudding
7. Ceasar Salad
8. Birthday Cake!!


*Birthday Girl *

*Ni Gu, coursemate saya!!*

*Bozz yg aku sayang!!*

*eVie yg comel!!*

*Jing Sern yg happy!!*

*Mana satu lagi Stef??*


*Budak Kecik*

*eVie yg terkejut*

*Birthday Girl dan aku*

*Yinxie looked so happy eating the cake*

*Jing Sern yg poser*

*Birthday Gifts*

Meaning of the gifts:
Lock Bracelet - Since Yinxie should be receiving her key necklace from her parents as a symbol of freedom on her 21st birthday, we decided to lock her up so that she'll be ours until we want to free her.

Every lock must have a key, in this case, the keys are with eVie and I!!! Wanted to give one to Stef but she's not here yet ):

*Birthday Cake*

*Sticky the unfaithful one*

Sticky Dates Pudding & Caramel Sauce
Stick berdating dengan Pudding dan Sos Caramel.
*Tsk tsk*
Doesn't matter if you get it. LOL!!

Till next time!!

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