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Saturday, 27 December 2008

I'm back~

Blog revived~!!! *After 3 weeks*

Oh well, some of you might know that I've been busy with my assignments and stuff..
Didn't come online too often also..
Didn't even read any blogs..
*So now I have tons to read~!!*

So..Updates from me!!
*Checks back where Leslie left off*
Oh right!! The kite flying day~!!
So, after the sad kite flying day, I went for camps!!
Was squeezing in assignments and camps..
Its not an easy task okay!!

[Jetavana Buddhist Camp 2008]

Yeah..Ini kem yang aku pergi selalu..

*Leslie - Ee Ling - Lynn*


*Stranded inside the cage~!!!*

*Up to the moon*


*He looks so in love with me..They say..*

*Mei Yu*
*Bao Yi*

*Yu Shuai*


*No electric (Read posts below)*


*Being cute*

*There..Camp group photo*

After the camp, I fell sick..
Actually I'm already half sick during the camp..
*I'm not weak la!!*
I fell sick because I am TOO commited to the camp..haha!!
I didn't get enough sleep in camp, survived on redbull etc..
Its not a really healthy lifestyle but luckily it lasted for only 4 days..

[Han Ming Buddhist Camp 2008]

This is the 1st time I've been to that camp..
Wasn't supposed to go because I was still sick..
But since 有哲师父 asked me to go, i went there 1 day late..
Was glad that I went because its another wonderful experience and I've gotten back what I lost..
*You don't have to understand..Long story*

* for photos*
Oh there it is~!!!

*God of Gambler's back pose*\

*We have some young helpers..*

*I love the guy on the top right corner..haha~!!*

*Feels like there's 3 generations here*

*We have some older helpers too!!*

*Kitchen Helpers*

*Crazy crazy again..*


Bet NikLyNn is sick of hearing that word ddi..
Didn't get to spend much time with friends and family because I was constantly dating my assignments..
Some of you guy felt that assignment pinch right??
Assignments really took me away from my friends..
Not gonna elaborate further but all in all, assignments are done with and I'm free from it now~!!

I have a few more things to blog about..
But still got photos to be uploaded and all..
So I'll continue those in another post..hehe~!!!

Till then~ See you~!!

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