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Monday, 29 December 2008

Mamma Mia - The smash hit musical

26 Dec 2008

When was Mamma Mia (the movie) screening on the silver screens??
Oh it doesn't matter..Because during that period my mom booked all 5 of us for 26 December 2008.
*Read the title la!!!*

6pm. Most of us got ready for the night already..
Bathed..Dressed up..Waiting for Daddy to come back from Malacca~
After Daddy finished getting ready, we headed for Istana Budaya for the musical..
*Drive drive drive*
The traffic was good as people go on holiday during this season..
7:10pm. We reached Istana Budaya and was super early because the musical starts at 8:30pm!!
Well, better be early than be late AND sorry right??
So we stood outside the hall and waited for a lil more than an hour before the gates open..

After we were all sitted inside, Eling's parents passed by!!
Was kinda surprised to see them there..
*Honestly, I forgot that you told be before, Ee Ling*
Didn't take any photos there as cameras and any recording devices is restricted inside the hall..

The musical was GOOD!! Musicals are always good!! hehe~
Its better than the movie I must say..
Because I choose stage plays over movies ANYTIME!!!
Its hard for me to describe the play but if you watched the movie, just visualize it on a stage..
Because the lines and songs and story is exactly the same!!

Before leaving, we took a lil photo as souvenirs..
*Because a printed t-shirt with the word "Mamma Mia!!" on it costs RM60*

Next stage play: Puteri Gunung Ledang (again!!!) *Well, if my parents wanna go*

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