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Monday, 15 February 2010

Bangun Pagi Project - Broga Hill

Hello to my long abandoned blog.
Have been pretty busy lately.
Though I've been pretty busy (and lazy) there's always time for friends kan??

[2010.02.07] Broga Hill

Hoho~!!! This is the day I hear much complains.
Complains like:
"who's idea is it to climb this hill arr??"
"can someone tell me what are we doing here instead of sleeping?"
Yes, we all love sleeping on a lazy Sunday morning when we do not have to work.
But climbing a hill or doing some exercise is good too right??

In case you are still blur about what I'm talking about,
we climbed Broga Hill on this day.
Some slept early and wake up at 3am,
Some couldn't sleep.
Some already have breakfast at 3am and are preparing to climb.
These are what we do before the climb (:

Broga Hill needs little introduction.
It is one of the easiest hill to climb and a pretty famous spot for photographers.
You'll know why in a while.
Now, let the photos talk.

The Bangun Pagi Gang
Stef, Chris, Ewin, Yin, Jing, Evie, ME!!!
This was my first time climbing when its still dark.

Jing facing the night sky

Yin with MY peewee~

Stef molesting peewee

Chris and Yin

Jing oh-so-sleepy

Chris and Yin behind Evie

Stef and Jing

Titanic Pose??

Failed Titanic Pose

Ewin - Alpha User

Man-ly pose



We secured a nice spot despite the many people there!!!
Cuz we climb up early..very early..

Our Gears

Road to the next peak

Sunrise - this shot made it worth the effort

Broga Hill - also known as Gunung Lalang

Thats all for this post!!!
Next post - Same gang, Different place.

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  1. Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

    Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at