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Friday, 26 February 2010

Is It Too Late For Them To Be Forgiven??

Have you ever came across something that you know isn't good for you,
yet you want to try it.
You've never got the guts to do it until one day you just go "Oh what the heck.." and try.
After that, you don't feel good doing and said "I'm never ever gonna do this again"
But..thats not the end.
The emotional scars will probably haunt you for life..even if you know that you're not gonna do it ever again.
You've gained a valuable lesson by paying a heavy price.
Are you still worth forgiving?

Simply put it in this term (if you still don't get it)
Curiosity killed the cat.
Sure..It doesn't kill us to try it. But it'll keep haunting us until we can bear it no more.
In such cases, can the wrong doer(namely you) be forgiven?

Simple examples such as taking drugs.
You know its not good for you.
You always wonder how it feels like to be that high..How does it taste like?
You inject your 1st drug shot (we call 'em virgin shot!!)
You felt high and also the after effects.
The headache!! The pain!! The agony!!
You hate it and pledge that you'll not do drugs ever again.
(Assume that you're lucky enough to not be addicted)

You learned a valuable lesson about the after effects of drugs.
You know, you'll never ever do it again.
But..Should you be forgiven for taking it?

Lets have a more common scenario.
Cheating in a relationship.
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
But you always wonder how does it feel to have intimate relationship with another person.
One day, you just tried it. Have sex with someone.
You didn't like it. You didn't like cheating on your other half but you will only feel that after trying.
From that day on, you tell yourself "I'm not gonna do it anymore"
You've learned that you're not the kind of person who can play the cheating game.
You learned it by experiencing it.
You love your boyfriend/girlfriend more than ever because thoughts about "how does it feel like" doesn't distract you anymore.
Can you be forgiven for cheating in the first place?

I'm a pretty sensitive guy.
I gain inspiration from movies, songs, happenings and everything around me.
Sometimes, thoughts like this just triggers me and it makes me wonder.
So, to all my beloved readers,
Kindly help me to answer this question by COMMENTING on this post.
Please do not write it on my chatbox(cbox) on the left of my blogpost because your answers won't last.
If you do not know how to COMMENT. Just click on the "COMMENTS" link right after this post.
It will lead you to a text box where you can comment on it.

So, let me present the question to you.

Please do IGNORE the myth that said "if he/she can cheat once, there'll be the second time..and the third"
Please answer this question with the perspective that your boyfriend/girlfriend REALLY regrets cheating and will never do it again.
Thank you very much!!!


  1. well it depends on individuals.. some can, some cant..
    i know i cant.. =)

  2. kor kor.. your question is seriousely harder than thesis! agreed with evie.. but i'll answer you late.r. need to cook dinenr now.. =p

  3. Ken,
    yup!! it totally depends on the individual.
    thats why I'm asking for YOUR opinion. hehe

    Don't you think the wrong doers deserve a second chance to repent?

  4. Yin,
    I know i'm more sophisticated than thesis writing people..hahahaa!!!
    kla kla totally joking.

  5. you insist that i comment here thou i told you already. boo.

    well. i guess its okay to forgive. BUT IF married then it's a whole different story laaah.

  6. I second da sao, but don't write then someone small fart =PPP JOKING LA /grin

    As I was saying, everything and anything in the world can be forgiven if the person really really is remorseful and repents; at that point it's more of whether the other party wants to forgive or not.

    Personally, it's more of a no than yes for me la, as in whether worth to forgive or not. I don't risk in a lot of things. And I'll probably be too hurt to forgive, rofl! BUT, when it comes down to it, you never know whether I'll be the stupid woman or not.

    Plus, it's quite hard to ignore the myth la, when your inhibition to do something is decreased after doing it the first time, the expectation and knowledge of having done it is very good preparation for the next time.

    AND, if the other cheating person is close, it would be even impossible to forgive. Not like you la, I tak cukup mulia.

    Still can write some more, but I'll stop here, now can smile ddi kan? =_=

  7. put yourself in the victim's shoes, would you forgive?

    i mean though the reason seems valid, when you are the victim who got cheated on, its not that easy for you to forgive and forget. even if it means you know where they are coming from, its just hard you know. Once the trust is betrayed, its hard to regain it. Though the hurt will be lessen with time, the scar is forever etch in our mind. It will not be the same again.

    even if they do forgive (at present), somewhere along the line, when something goes wrong, somehow this incident will be brought up again. for say now the situation go the other way. the ex-victim cheated on the ex-cheater. he/she will defend themselves and say he/she did that too, so why cant i? i wanted to know how it feels like too. know what i mean.

    of course if im the doer i would want a second chance, but if im the victim i doubt i could forgive and forget.

  8. well i've been in that situation before . my gf dating 2 guys at the same time. after i found out, she promise that she will stop that and ask me to forgive her. i do forgive her cause i don't want to be the one who end our relationship and regret.
    but she din't really break up with that guy and when i ask her do u stil love me, she cant even answer becoz the guy's fren is there. guess i've been played. but i stil never regret that i forgive her at the first time cause i think she deserve it and i really do love her

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