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Saturday, 6 March 2010

My child's name is BEER??!!!!!

Finally!!! I've done something I wanted to a few years ago.
Sponsoring a child through World Vision.
I promised myself that I would sponsor at least a child when I start to work.
Its not that expensive anyway, just RM50 a month.

I finally got employed lately, right before Chinese New Year.
Before I even got my first paycheck, I was asked to sponsor a child by Chien Hui and Eewen.
Since we always wanted to do it together, we did it.


10 days before my birthday, we head to the World Vision office in Kelana Jaya.
Applied for child sponsorship and TADA!!!!
We got our sponsored child's details.

World Vision

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change people's life

Read the details of my child, his name is BEER singh, Rajesh
Anyone fancy a beer??

Sponsoring a child isn't just about contributing money and let others do the job

Thats why you have the child sponsorship guidebook!!!

To know more about it visit World Vision's Website Here!!

Now that I've gotten my first child sponsor, I'm not gonna stop here.
I've promised myself to sponsor another child when my monthly income exceeds RM4000.
Will sponsor another one as my monthly income increases every RM1000.
10 children maximum.



  1. You are such a kind soul helping people in need. May God bless you.

    I have the same thought in my mind too, to sponsor a child when I start working.. ^^

  2. Hi Supia!!!
    Do post it up whenever you do such good deed yaa!!!
    Its not to boast to the world, but it encourage others to do it as well!!!

  3. Yeah...
    You'r right,leslie..I also had posted my sponsored child details into my blog..
    I believed that it can encourage others to do the same!!
    Cheers!! :)
    & congrats for the new life of becoming a "father".. ^_*