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Sunday, 28 March 2010

The craziest Cheng Beng ever!!!

Every chinese will know that it is Cheng Beng season now.
Its time to be a filial child or grandchild.
Its time to clean the cemetary for our late ancestors and pray for them.

Every year, my family (along with extended family) will head up to the mountain next to Tian Hou Gong (天后宫) at Taman Seputeh.
Because my grandparents are both cremenated, we don't have to go to the cemetary.
Instead, we have to go to a temple where my grandparents' ashes are kept to pray.
This year, its no different.

Placing food on the table

Not for the living..
..its for the late ancestors.

Smokey area

Hurts the eyes.

Everyone is hoping the dead will have a good afterlife

Everything was normal, until my grandparents finished "eating" and its our turn to eat.
We realised that the usual eating spot was closed so we thought it'll be fine if we find a shady spot to eat.
Before we can take our food out, a volunteer from the temple told us that we cannot eat in the temple area.
Now, we have to find another spot to go makan so my dad suggested to go to Lake Garden (a.k.a Taman Tasik Perdana) to have a "picnic".

Today, lake garden was pretty packed because UOB decided to have a function there.
There weren't many parking and as we drove further into the park, we were stuck in a jam.
Yes, not caught..but stuck.
The initial 2 lane road turned into a single lane because as ignorant Malaysians,
we like to park by the side of the road because its really convenient for us.
Now, how can a single lane road accomodate vehicles coming from 2 directions?
In the end, vehicles from both direction can't move and there was a huge confusion over there.

Feeling upset, our convoy (5 cars in total) decided to make a turn and get out of the park.
We then decided that the national memorial would be the next best place as its just opposite Lake Garden.
Upon arriving, everyone was so hungry that we just sat at a shady place and have our little "picnic" there.

We were at a really awkward place as there are tourists walking from the entrance to the bus.
Everyone will look at us with curiousity, thinking if there's someone selling food.
It was really funny la but who cares, the whole family is together and that's all that matters.

Today was really really crazy because we never expected these events to happen.
First, our usual makan spot was closed.
Second, we mistook many road just to reach our destination, Lake Garden.
Thrid, got stuck in Lake the car.
Fourth, makan at an awkward location.

Looks like we have 1 year to look for a decent picnic spot for next year's Cheng Beng.
So how's your Cheng Beng?? Come share it!!

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  1. today chengbeng? so if it's today.. then mine was filled with food and a movie =P