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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sheffield Hallam University Graduation 2010

Woot!!! I'm an official Honours Degree Graduate!!
Yes yes, I graduated last Sunday (March 7,2010)

Lets talk about that day.
Early in the morning, Daddy and Mommy made me a very lovely breakfast.
Pancakes with Strawberries + Sausages & Tea!!

*Pancake with Strawberries*

*Sausage + Pancake*

Best of all, its filled with LOVE!!

After that I head to One World Hotel where our graduation will be held.
Met so many familiar faces there.
Really happy to be in the Uni feel once again.
*You don't get to see so many friends in the office you know??!!!*

Queue to collect graduation robe and take self potrait

Me, Qing, Lai Kuan, Yvette, Fung

Chee Hong, Yin Yee, Abby, Jackson, Melisa

Mei Mun, Leslie

Eah!! Haven't seen Fung for so long ddi

Really missed the time we had in Italy.

My beloved housemate - Yean Ree

Rachel Sifu

Pauline's flowers are yummy!!

Keewee and Leslie

Ah Mond (Left-most with the big grin) photobomb!!!

Two of our tallest guys

Aik and Jin

Daddy and Mommy!!!!!!!!!!


Joanne Wong

Poor girl couldn't attend her own graduation cuz she has to work.
The life of an auditor..aihz..

The hall doesn't look grand at all!!

But oh well...

David Kyle giving his speech

Very long didn't see ang moh ddi lerrr.

VIPs sitting on the stage

This is MY Moment

Super touched to get this cert. LOL

Eva and Melanie came!!

Poor eVie, sick also die die wanna come

Thank you so very much!!

Joanne ze Spy, eVie, Sammy!!!

SRDC Traders. The most supporting group ever!!

Thank you eVie for this!!

Su Xin and Winnie

Sin Ling. Nice girl.

Victor wants to graduate DESPERATELY!!

This was just the 1st round for the day.
After returning the graduation robe, I had dinner with Eva, Melanie and the SRDC traders at Pasta Zanmai.
The food was GOOD!!! So good that I forgot to take photo.

After some time, Eewen called and SHOWED UP at Pasta Zanmai along with Chien Hui, Sean, Wing, Michelle and Joanne!!!
OMG Surprised sial!!!
THey got me a lovely birthday card and gift.
Will post it up in the next entry (:

After Zanmai + Surprise by Heap Hope Gang, its time to hangout with the uni bunch again!!
We went to Neway to have a really expensive karaoke session.
Really really felt conned but oh well, its a good day so don't care laa.
Its a really fun day, a good day too.


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