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Monday, 15 March 2010

A Birthday Full of Surprises

Time flies so very fast.
Its my birthday once again and yes, i'm getting old.
*though I still look younger than my age*

I have so many lovely people to celebrate my birthday with.
Can't thank them enough.
I'll compile the photos and post it in the next post laa.
For now, lets just concentrate on my birthday itself. March 10, 2010.

It was a Wednesday.
As usual, I only plan to celebrate my day with my family.
Its a day dedicated to my mom for bringing me to this world.
Its also a day dedicated to both my parents for taking care of me for over 20 years.
*Oh..emo again*

Also as usual, I'm a full vegetarian on that day.
This means no meat, no alcohol.

Since I already started working, going to the office has been part of my life.
As usual *again* I went to my office at 10:15am.
Had a meeting at 11:30am when Chien Hui texted me "what time's your lunch? I wanna find you for lunch."
Since I know that the meeting will last pretty long, I just told her that I won't be having lunch because I've got a meeting going on.

The meeting lasted until approximately 3:00pm.
Then I called Yinli since she texted me.
Manatau, she was at Hometown Kopitiam - just 2mins walk from my office!!
I rushed to find her. As soon as I saw that lil girl, she teared.
The poor girl took a train from Kampar at 9am,
took the LRT to kelana jaya LRT station,
took a shuttle bus to the Curve,
arrived at 1:30pm,
waited until 3:00pm only to hear me say I have to continue my meeting later.

Good thing I have a very nice boss.
He and my colleagues treated us lunch and gave me the rest of the day off.
He said "She has made her presence felt by coming all the way from kampar, its your turn to let her feel your presence. Don't you ever think about work and the meeting later."
And I know, having your presence felt isn't just about being there physically.
Theres more to that.

So thats all for the biggest surprise for my 24th birthday.
Till next time!!!!!


Where can I have a blogpost without a photo??
Hrm..there you go, a photo of us!!

Thank you so much for the surprise!!!!!

Till next time!!!


  1. cheh..our surprise also din say out....
    ur surprise video still wif me Mr Khor

  2. haven't say only.
    gonna say wan after I take photos of all my presents. haha!!
    actually not many presents to take only laa.
    send to me laa so i can post it up maa..
    or upload on youtube.

  3. u got on msn onli find me take the video...bluek...
    else, find me tmrw in the curve....then u copy liao gv back me my pendrive...i think u better dun wait me till 10pm la...its late la...