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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sammy Chia's 21st Birthday!!!

Whoa so many birthdays this month!!!
I've been sending out Happy Birthday messages ALOT this month okay.
More than 10 already.

Anyways smashpOp's birthday is March 21.
We'll move back 2 days to March 19 for Sammy's Birthday.


Sammy's 21st Birthday is today!!!
Couldn't miss it since he already informed me about a month ago.
Was scheduled to be back from the Northern Region today but we came back a day before because we've done our job.
*This is called efficient tau!!*

Prepared everything and went to Sammy's 5 storey house.
YES!!!! His house is a freaking 5 storey building!!!
One day get his permission to shoot all over his house then post in my blog yaa!!
As soon as I reached, 1st thing..Camwhore!!!

Jetavana Gang
Chian Huey, Leslie, 13, Crystal(back), 10, Ting Dian(power shortage)

Poser Ee Ling

Yu Shan playing games..
..on Ee Ling's phone

Left - Ping Pong Table
Right - Swimming Pool

Indoor Garden =.=


Not the one in the 1st photo.
This is another one. Shorter version.

Cake Cutting Session

3 storey high cake!!!!
Oh the image quality is the result of Ultra High ISO + Facebook's "excellent" compressing method.

Camwhore again!!!
I love my fisheye laa!!

Next, introducing the NOOB gang!!

Yen (with cap), forgot-her-name

Too many to name

Denise and Mei Shi


Nah nah nah..these two photos and the rest of Denise's photos in my facebook album isn't shot by me yaa!!!!

Thats all for that night.
It was a really fun night and I get to catch up with Sammy since we haven't met for so long.
Went home in the morning to prepare for the next day.

Thats all for now..


  1. 5 story house.. must be huge! =D
    happy birthday to your friend.

  2. thx 4 ur support fren!