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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Blast to the past, 1995 to be exact.

People from Class 3Y of 1994

Its been more than a decade since I saw a few of them.
I lost contact with them right after primary school.
Back when I was still in primary school, autographs were really popular *especially in standard 6*
We wrote our names, address, phone number, date of birth etc and decorate the page as nicely as we could.
There are even messages written to the owner of the book.
Not to forget folding the corners of the page with secret messages inside!!!
Oh man, those were the days.

Though with our fancy autograph book, we do not keep in touch with each other.
Oh well, your mom will be spanking you if you were to call up your friends randomly and chat nothing important.
To us, it wasn't such a big deal not keeping in touch back then.
We still have our secondary school friends.

Never knew what kind of feeling they will give me.
Never realised that we've lost touch already.
Never went back to year 1995 until someone tagged me in a photo.

Year 1995 - Credit goes to Amelie

It was this photo that started massive comments posted by many of us.
It started from "Whoa!! Old school!!!" till "We should meet up"
and there we have it, after almost a month later, we finally met up.
Though many of us weren't able to attend, but we still continue the reunion.

Initially, we planned to have a dinner in Ampang but due to some reasons we settled for kota damansara.
Although just a simple steamboat dinner, we enjoyed ourselves.
Talked about how are we now and topics led to other topics.
I really enjoyed my time there, it really feels like old friends meeting each other again!!

After returning home, the feel of sentimentality struck me.
I can't help but feel blessed that we still get to meet up and keep in touch after so long.
Though everyone has walked a different path, but we still spend a little night gathering.
I truly love that.
This made me think, how will we be a year later? Will our next meetup be 10 years in the future?
Then back into the near pass, I focused my thoughts to my college friends.
How will we be next year? Will we still have dinner together often?

I miss them. I really miss them.
I miss those whom I just met just now. I miss those whom I hangout with in college.
I'm missing other people when my girlfriend is missing me.
Oh gosh, what kind of boyfriend am I??
Hehehe..But no matter what, I miss those who have stepped into my life.
And..I miss my girlfriend too!!!

Will be on the plane to Australia on tuesday.
Will be spending family time for two and a half weeks.
Hope to see them again when I'm back.
I better sleep.

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