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Thursday, 26 November 2009

You're sad because you loved..

You hold your tears with love

You never feel sad for something you don't feel attached to.
and the more you're attached to something/someone, the easier it is to make you sad.
This is a common emotion for humans.

I did say in my previous post that sadness doesn't exist.
Sadness is the absence of happiness. It is.
It is amazing how sad people can get because of someone they love.
A simple remark(which doesn't mean anything to other people) can ruin a person's day.
Though we humans are getting physically stronger day by day,
we are emotionally weaker.

We humans need to feel love.
We hate being lonely.
We hate being rejected.
Our need for affection makes us weak.
But that's who we are. That makes us human.

How many of us believes that Love makes the world go round?
How many of us actually advocates that?
Is it possible for us to achieve what we have today without love?
Yes? No?
You think about it.
Who will Mother Teresa and Ghandi be if love doesn't exist?
Will there be John 3:16 if love doesn't exist?

Couples may argue over small matters.
There will be times when both are willing to give, yet none of them wants to accept.
Isn't it easier for one party to accept when the other gives?
Wouldn't that settle all problems?
Well, we wouldn't know, don't we?
But I believe that at the end of the day, all we want is to love each other and be loved.
In the end, we'll be like little kids who do not want to let go of their parents.

Holding on to LOVE..

NOTE: Don't bother asking why my posts sound abit emo lately. I'm not emo. Lets just say, I've been doing a lot of thinking and I like it. hehe!! The year's almost ending, I'm just reflecting on how my year has been, thats all!!

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