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Monday, 9 November 2009

Firenze Duomo - The Florence "House"

Apologies to all my readers,
Was away for the week to visit my girlfriend and friends. hehe
Blogged halfway but due to the "slower" internet connection there I got lazy to finish the post.
Anyways here is it!!

*Blog post START*

Though Florence is the one place I wanna go in my graduation trip,
I get to spend only a day there.
Its not enough, definitely not enough and its worth a second trip there!!!

After the warm family dinner with Emilio and his family, I like this town a whole lot more!!
We had a pretty tight schedule the next day.
The itinerary for that day was to visit the Firenze Duomo early in the morning and board the train to Venezia (Venice) by 11:30am.
Things were well planned until I did something really stupid.

We were supposed to wake up at 8am and finish our breakfast by 8:30am so that we'll have time to explore the town a little bit.
Something that I've neglected was the change in timezone.
Italy is 1HOUR AHEAD of England, just like Malaysia is 7hours ahead due to Day Light Saving.
I didn't syncronise my time with the local time hence my clocks showed me an hour earlier.
Thinking that its still early, I stayed in bed until 8am (my time) which was 9am local time.
When I got out of bed, I saw everyone finishing their breakfast already.
and it struck me!!! I got the time all wrong!!!
Now, because of my negligence we had an hour less to spend.
*boo me*

I quickly got ready *I can get ready pretty fast* and we checked out the hotel.
Although we've checked out but we're still able to leave our luggage at the common room.
This means we'll have to come back slightly earlier to collect our luggage and head for the train station not far from here.
While checking out, I took a photo of the Duomo.

Firenze Duomo

Outside the hotel window, the humble town of Florence

Photos in this album looks pretty dark and washed out.
Its done on purpose.

The ever famous Florence market.

Its filled with the smell of leather.

The street of Florence.

I love this photo.

Man taking photo

Certain details of the building.

Group photos

One really amazing sight is the door opposite the Duomo.
The door is carved, and mainly out of gold!!!
Here are some photos.

Parts of the door

Just look at the number of people trying to go as near as possible to the door.

Lucky I have my 18-250mm lens so I can stay out from the crowd.

Duomo - Interior

Angel Statue *Did I tell you I LOVE Angels??*

Now you know. hehe!!

Duomo Clock *Try Intepreting it*

Praying for our family..I think *At least I was*

Candle lights *Feels so peaceful looking at them*

I didn't take much photo inside cuz its was pretty dark in there.
Photos do not turn out nice due to lack of light so thats a sad thing.
Back outside..

This guy is selling painting (not painted by him I think) to survive!!

I forgot whats this but I know its the tallest in..Florence??? or Italy???

*Definitely the tallest*

Outside Firenze Duomo

OOPS!!!! Totally candid!!!

*LOL buat kacau jer*

Ming Hong - waiting to cross the road.

I love standing on Italian streets. I just do!!


Now, its time for the Florence Market!!!
*Smells the leather*

Looking at the heaps of items they have there..

Its like Petaling Street in KL

Waiting for business, Aunty??

Seller on the left trying to satisfy his customers much!!

This seller looks happy when I took his photo *blush*

I spot masks at the back!!!


These ladies were checking out fake branded goods!!

After a quick tour of the market, we head back to the hotel where we left our luggages at and went to Venice.

Walking up the stairs..

Before ending this post, I'll share with you the view from the hotel lobby.

Purposely put Ming Hong in *haha*

Thats all for now~!!!


  1. 真的很美咯。。做么你去深造好像去玩酱的??

  2. 谁说深造不能去玩?