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Friday, 9 April 2010

Day 1 Report Card

Today's Day 1 of my sales job, starting to miss my camera now.
Although I don't touch her everyday, she remains by my side everywhere I go.
Now, I start to lose the feeling of her presence. I don't like it.
*I'm talking about my camera*

I want to bring my camera along so that I can snap a photo or two for my blog.
But I just can't, it'll be too troublesome and I won't be able to commit 100% to my job if she follows me.
*Btw, I'm still talking about my camera*

Okay, I wanted to snap how I'm dressing for my 1st day of roadshow, but my phone camera sucks big time!!
The photo can't even be seen clearly!!!
Oh well, no choice la. No photos today.

Like the title said, day 1 report card.
I've sold nothing today, my team hasn't too.
It isn't about the price, it isn't about the product,
Its not even about the place, nor the customers,
Its about the promotion, how do I bring the message across to the customer.
I've found some problems about me, Mr. Barry (my manager) knows it. *cuz I told him larr!!*
I've been very blessed that Mr. Barry has been willing to teach, guide, and coach me all the way.
By night, he identified some of my problems and mistakes and corrected me.
He even taught me how to make my sales call.
A very good man indeed.

Although there's no sales today, but there's nothing to be sad about.
I've learned something today. I will learn something tomorrow.
By the end of my roadshows for the month, I'll be learning 20 things already.
Its just an ongoing, never ending learning process.

Oh oh!! I'm so lucky that Eewen is back in Sungai Petani for the weekend!!
She brought Mr. Barry and I for some good food, we took about almost 3 hours just to eat.
Bringing Mr. Barry along means I can leave my workplace without guild. hehe!!
But..but..I do work hard k!!! Other than eat, we're also working on other things.
So no one can say that I don't work well. hehe!!

Anyways this will be my report card of the day.
I'm not embarrassed about the 0 sales.
It just means that I'll have an improvement even if I sell 1 tomorrow.
But that's not gonna happen, I'll sell more than 1.
Will be always thinking about the day that I can close more than 30 boxes of sales.
That'll be my target...for now (:

*Pray pray pray*


  1. Hey man,
    All the best for your new job.
    Free yumcha just sms over.