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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Working changes everything..

Its been a long time since I last updated my blog.
Reasons are that my working time is from 10am - 10pm.
I then have my dinner and start doing plannings and giving feedbacks about my experience to my manager.
This always ends at 1:30am.
It'll be about 2am when I reached my hotel room and its time for bath and sleep as I'll have to wake up at 9am the next day.
This kind of life lasts for weeks, for as long as my roadshow is on.

How to write blog??!!!!

Working hard is one thing, my manager also sayang us alot.
In order to make up for the hard work we put in for the entire day, he made sure he get us a nice hotel within our budget.
This time in Kangar, we stayed at T-Hotel in Kuala Perlis..just opposite the jetty to Langkawi.

Hotel by the sea
Pardon the low quality photo. Phone camera sucks.

This is really nice as we can relax by facing the sea after a hard day's work.
Often times, I envy those people I meet around the hotel.
Because they're all on holidays GOING TO LANGKAWI!!!
Yet I'm stuck working.
*Oh well..L-I-F-E*

But its okay. Though I'm away for work, I'm much better off than most of you.

Because this is what I'll see everyday on my way to work!!

The S-E-A!!!

Okay, I'm just trying to make everyone jealous so that I'll feel better working away from home.
If you don't know yet, my job requires me to travel to the Northern Region often.
By often, I mean 2 weeks MINIMUM.
I've been away for work since April 7,2010 and will be back on May 10,2010.
Thats 1 MONTH AND 3 DAYS!!!
I had to leave my family;
I had to leave my girlf;
I had to leave my friends;
All because of work, but its okay..
We must sacrifice for everything we get.
For this, I'm now sacrificing my precious time with my family, girlf, and friends to work while learn about sales and management from my manager.
My manager is a really nice person (:

I've been wearing this everyday

So its back to work now!!
If you happen to ask "Why is Leslie blogging when he said he's working?"
The answer for you is "Today is report writing day, I'm just taking some time to keep you updated.

Till next time!!

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