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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Officially going out to the field to work, no time for photography.

Hello everybody!!!

Its been some time since I last blogged, my blog traffic plunging down the drain too.
But nevertheless, I'll continue to try to blog as often as I can.
Something about my life is..My life is changing.

As many of you know, I've been working since February.
Some argued that its March because February happens to be a holiday season and I didn't work much that month.
Fine, March it is..
I've been working for a month. Been in the office for a month.
Because I've been in the office..and home, I can still bring my DSLR out for a snapping session to post it on my blog.
But lately, things changed..

I'm currently in Sungai Petani, Kedah.
Will be in the Northern Region for the next 20 days.
Why, you asked?
Because I'm a product consultant.
I have to be out in the field (namely the Northern Region for now..) to check the condition of my customers' bones and recommend my company's product if they need it.
Yes, its a sales related job and it may require lots and lots of persistency.
*oh gosh*

Because of my job, I wouldn't be able to bring my DSLR along.
However, I'll still try to snap photos, not from a DSLR but from my phone.
It'll definitely be of poorer quality, but who cares right?
I care actually..but I have no choice.
So please bare with me for awhile, I'll try to get all my things settled and manage my time.
Then, I'll be able to bring you peeps nice blogposts with photos in it.
Please do visit again from time to time!!!

Thanks lots!!

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