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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Great time spent with great people (:

Sometimes I wonder why does most of my blogpost involves food. *LAUGHS*
This is definitely not a food blog, I'm not a very good food critique.
But somehow my photos involves alot *and I mean ALOT* of food!!
Maybe I take better photos with food due to contant designing of food menus.
Anyways this post involves people..and food too *SMILE*

After coming back from a month's long of work in Kedah and Perlis, guess who was the first I see?
My family of course!!!
Next will be my Girlfriend, Chew Yinli Winnie.

One day after I came back from work, my girlf came back from Kampar.
*Very nice timing!!*

Of course, as a boyf I have to see her right away or else I'll have an angry girlf.
So I picked her up where her friends dropped her.
We then head for lunch at Restoran Taman Mayiang (No, there isn't typo) as she wanted to have fish and chips.

Fish and Chips - Hers

Pork Chop - Mine

Ketchup which we didn't touch

Somehow I wasted more than 1/2 of the whole dish.
Forgot that I couldn't eat much due to the drinking I had with my manager the night before.
Stomach not feeling too well so I only ate 1/2 the pork chop, leaving the fries and coleslaw untouched.
*Talk about food wastage*

I feel bad okay.

Nevertheless, seeing the little girl happy is good enough for me (:

Here's the photo of you~!!


Before leaving for my work in april, I met up with Grace and Weny.
If you know the story about Grace and I, we were close for some time but things happened and I stopped talking to her.
*Yes, mean ol' Kiddult*

We started talking again early this year and this time, we went to Snowflake.
Initially, the dessert session involves Grace, Weny, Andrew and Me.
But in the end, only 3 of us made it.


Snowflake's famous vibrator beeping UFO

Two BIG bowls for only RM9.80

Weny was late so Grace and I ordered ours first.

Grace's Barley, Pearls and Sweet Potato with Grass Jelly Ice

My Black Rice, Kidney Beans and Pearls with Yam Rice Balls + Ice

Weny's Best Seller (Potato + Yam Rice Balls with Grass Jelly and Ice

Bin Laden spoon never fails to make me laugh

My empty bowl

Grace's wastage

Weny's leftovers

Packed as always even on a weekday night


My hand is as thin as Grace??!!!

Weny wants to join the thin club

K Swiss ad??

Kiddult and Grace

If you didn't know yet, Snowflake is fully self serviced

Truly Taiwanese

Its just nice hanging out with friends for desserts or dinner.
I've been going out with friends for desserts instead of supper.
It's just much nicer to have desserts than teh O' ais limau (:
Try it next time, and you'll find yourself visiting mamaks late at night alot less.

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