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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Oh I miss my Uni days~!!

I finally get to meet some of my college friends for a dinner.
Though not many people can come but its perfectly alright for me as those that came were fun~!!!


Called everyone out for a dinner since I'm back from Kedah.
Not many people could attend it, only 5 including me.
Most of the people already have their agendas so I couldn't catch up with them but its perfectly fine.
*We gotta meet up some day okay??!*

So, on that day..
We I decided that we should meet at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.
Why over there?
Because its a Sunday and the traffic there is pretty okay.
Furthermore I wanted to take Chee Hong out for Snowflake as he said he hasn't try it before.
So Pavilion it is.

We arrived there at about 7:30pm and met in front of Ichiban Boshi.
Talked for awhile then continue to order our food.
The variety of food were too much for us so we took some time to actually decide what to eat.

Tako - Octopus

Kee Wee's Unagi Don

Melisa's Rice Set

Soft Shell Crab

Yvette's Tempura Don

Chee Hong's Yakiniku Don

My Teriyaki Chicken and Cold Soba Combo

Kee Wee Likes Yvette..

..punya Tempura.

Melisa and Chee Hong

Great friends.

I just love spending time with you guys~!!!!

We had a great dinner with great company and also great laugh.
Really nice to catch up with college friends once again.
We should do it every month..or even twice a month!!!
Oh gosh I miss you guys weih~!!!

After dinner dessert in the next post~!!!
Stay tuned~!!!

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