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Friday, 14 May 2010

How to enjoy a bowl of Spicy Pan Mee?

Okay, here's something you don't know.
*Okay, MAYBE some of you know it*

Having a nice bowl of dry spicy pan mee takes skills.
Just follow the steps below and you'll be on your way up to food haven very soon!!

Before that, lets see what do we need to prepare alright?

No. 1: Drinks

This is very very VERY important.

No. 2: Chopsticks

You can't eat it with your hand, it just doesn't taste right.

No. 3: Noodles

You gotta prepare the chilli too, else it wouldn't be called Spicy Pan Mee wouldn't it?

You should let the waiter know if you want egg or not.

I don't eat egg, so the bowl in front is mine and the bowl behind is Yinli's.

Follow pics in a "Z" direction.

Step 1(Top-Left): Wait for the noodles to be served.
Step 2(Top-Right): Add the amount of chilli you think is suitable.
Step 3(Bottom-Left): Mix it thoroughly and enjoy your noodle.
Step 4(Bottom-Right): Pour some soup into the bowl to make yourself a spicy soup.

CAUTION: Please do not try to be smart and add too much chilli. Your stomach might not be able to take it though your throat can. Of the many times I had this noodle, this time I went overboard. It sure was nice when you eat it but the actual fun comes after that. You will first feel uncomfort in your stomach, it won't stop until you had your colon cleansed (visit the toilet as many times as it takes) You will feel a burning sensation at your *must-i-say-it?* during the cleansing process. Yes, it isn't the best feeling ever but hey, it comes with the Spicy Pan Mee package!!

So now, go enjoy your Spicy Pan Mee!!!

On a side note, there's nothing better in this world that spending time with your bestfriends.
*Well, except spending time with your family and girlf*

Went to KTZ for some desserts late at night when my tummy felt much better.
Girlf was there too as I called Yinxie and eVie out.

Yinli's Peanut Dessert

Yinxie's Kiwi Ice

My Red Bean Ice

eVie's Tissue Paper *LOL*

One of the worst Chinese Pizza I've ever tasted. Salty.

Yinxie enjoying her Kiwi Ice

Boogey Man's new hideout, behind the door.

Because there isn't any bed for it to hide in.

Okay, very random.
Signing Off!!

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