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Monday, 2 February 2009

Calligraphy Competition

Woke up at 7am because TCH told us(Me, my sis, and 13) the temple's having a calligraphy competition 辉春比赛 and we should be there to help by 7:30am..

7:45am - Reached temple but see no one..Then the Shifu inside told us that the competition is at 9am..We can have breakfast and come back by 8:30am..
Diaw diaw diaw~ Kena conned by TCH!!!
*Btw, diaw diaw diaw is not meant to be vulgar*

There were a few participants settling down ddi when we returned from breakfast..
Helped out here and there..
Then watch how great the participants were..

The competition categorise each participants according to their age..
Primary School Group
Secondary School Group
Open Group

Each participant is given a few papers to practice on, and 1 more paper for participation..
But the participants can purchase extra paper for RM1 each and choose their best one to compete..

All the participants we so great I tell you!!
I can't even hold a brush correctly, don't need to say wanna participate also..
Even a 7 year old kid can beat me in that competition *shrugs*

How great were they??
Lets look at some photos..

*Registration Process*

*A portion of the participants*

Everyone bertungkus-lumus trying to make their work look good..Why??
Because of these la!!


You know, chinese needs more people like them..
People who still preserve the chinese traditions like calligraphy..
Me?? Chinese do not need people like me..
Half banana who stops learning mandarin at std 6..
Who can't even hold a brush properly..

*I can't write like this*

Somehow I feel that this photo is nice..
I know I know, the composition isn't right..
But maybe its meant to be like that..
*You gotta ask 13 the photographer*

Next I like to introduce a series of photos..
13 took them and he said
"TCH said that you need a theme for each photos. This series is called LOVE!"

*THEME: Love*

The father is always around his daughter..ALL THE TIME!!!
At least she has a father who cares for her, wanting her to be at her best, and always assisting her..
You hardly see scenes like this during camp registration..
Parents(Minority) will drop their kids and ZOOM away ddi..

Now, back to the competition..
Since calligraphy doesn't really take long to complete,
most participants finish quite early and what do they do next??

For this uncle, he conteng on lanterns..

*Caught red handed*

This uncle is very geng..
I see him in the competition every year..
No doubt his work is GOOD!!
As soon as he finished, someone saw his work and asked if he can teach her child..
*Wah~ Come to play, return with a job??!!!*
Too bad the uncle said that he's not skilled enough to teach and introduce another master to the lady..

For some, they conteng on other paper..

And for some, they purchase more paper to see which one to enter into the competition..

*How many does she wanna write??haha*

The competition ended at 11am..
But we didn't stay that long because we had to go down to PD..
Before we left, we took a few photos of completed work..

Notice the guy in black's(bottom left corner) writing??
Its different from others right??
Guess you can't see it clearly..
There, a bigger photo of it!!

To end this Calligraphy Competition post..
I'd like to wish everyone..

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. wei...
    soli lo,kena u wan u wake up early ...
    hahaha, but no need quote me say a photo need a theme de...