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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Will I miss her?? I will..


My FINAL PAPER for my FINAL SEMESTER is 2 days away!!
But its not gonna stop me from hanging out with my 3 girls *you know who you are*
After today, I don't know when will I see Stef again this year..
But hey, I'm SO gonna miss you alright??

Today, Yinxie wanted to bring Stef up to Lookout Point *again??!!!*
I've been going there a gazillion times already but its always with a different bunch of people so its fine *I guess*

When Stef got into my car, she screamed upon seeing my Mr. Bean Teddies..
*Cute right??!!!*
*Photos of them will be put up when she gave me the photos*
Then we headed up to Lookout Point..

Oh..For those of you who didn't know yet:
Lookout Point's parking is being managed by Bumimas Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
So the parking system is more coordinated now..
Parking fees: RM 2
Valet Parking: additional RM 3
I think its a good thing cuz the road up tends to be congested *very congested* during weekends..

This time, we went to KL View Western Food *Lame name*
Its located right above Gasoline and next to Breads & Olives..
The place is alright only..
Food & price can be compared to Gasoline *which does not par to my standards*
and drinks?? Mine was nice..The rest didn't like theirs..

Some photos to share~

*Warm up photo - Evie's Baby*

*Stef's prawn salad*

I just LOVE Stef I tell you!!!
She ordered prawn salad then immediately ask us
"You all eat the prawns can ar?"
WTF!!! *not in a rude way* Order PRAWN salad but dowana eat PRAWN..haha

*My Special Steak - Not very special only*

*Evie's Special Sizzling Steak - Anything special, evie??*

*My Strawberry Lop Shake - I dunno what "Lop" is*

*A cat joined us for dinner - Yean Ree will definitely jump!!*

*Jing's Million Dollar Face*

*There, my 3 girls - none taken, anyone??*

*Evie and Yinxie - With evie, yin looks dark*

*With me, yin looks alright*

*Semua junior aku - Xiang, Evie, Yin, Stef, Jing*

*Stef, Kor will miss you wan okay!!!*


Eh, where's the photo of me and Evie??!!!!!!
More to come *within the same post* when I hunt photos from them!!!

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