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Monday, 2 February 2009

The day GBL was happy tau??


Halfway through the Calligraphy Competition *refer the post below* we went to pick GBL up..
Because GBL asked me to bring Penang Char Kuey Teow back for her when I'm at my dad's hometown, I sorta did..
And she had Penang Char Koay Teow for breakfast *I think she ate something before that*

*Gotta pose cuz Leslie bought it for her*

After picking her up, we head to our next destination..
Han Ming, Lukut!!!

Why Han Ming??

Because Uzhe Shifu asked us to go down and visit him for the CNY..
And as a nice guy, I did!!!
I know he misses me~

Upon arriving there, we see FOOD!!!
Wasn't very hungry due to last night's dinner and this morning's breakfast..
If TCH had told us that Uzhe Shifu said there'll be STEAMBOAT, we wouldn't have taken our breakfast!!
Once again, kena conned by TCH!!!

After lunch, we went to a quiet place and have tea with Uzhe Shifu..
Chatted there, laughed, had a great time..
But GBL wasn't being her noisy self..
Because she's not close with Uzhe Shifu *haha!!*

We left Han Ming at 3:30pm *somewhere there la*
and since we're in Port Dickson, must go to the beach to look see look see la..

Whenever we talk about PD's beach, normally ppl will say "wah, dirty bitch beach la!!" right???
When we went there..

Wah, so dirty!!!
At that instance we knew that we were at the wrong place..

We head for the streets again..
Drove and drove..looking for a decent beach..

*Can this be the place??*

*3 lil pigs kids looking at the sea*

*Yaye!!! Its the right one!!!*

*There ran so fast so I have to catch up with them..*

Then suddenly, GBL: "No!!!"

*Why does GBL have that look on her face??*

*Rupa-rupanya she was left behind cuz she was afraid of the things on the sand..*

What things??

*These shells..there are living things inside which scares GBL..*

All GBL can do is just to look at the other 2 from afar..


But GBL don't wanna miss out all the fun, so she scaredly bravely walked across the "sea" of shells..

And finally she can play with them!!!


Now, lets have a closer look of what GBL was scared of..

*Hermit crabs*

These are the larger ones..
There are actually 2 of them here and they're mating..
I used to think that hermit crabs are crabs that hide under empty shells..
But I guess I'm wrong!! *Shy*

*Hermit crabs humping each other*

13:"Lemme step on you humpers!!! Step!! Step!!"

*After stepping, wash feet..*

We also tried to have our feed buried in sand, like those shell-creatures..

GBL can do it the fastest and I can barely bury my entire feet..
So we concluded that its because of weight *haha*

*Everyone's trying to do it!!*

Then 13 caught a slightly bigger hermit crab..He looks at it then tries to eat it..

*He was just posing only, didn't eat la!!*

*GBL playing with the waves then everyone joined in..*

We talked about T.R.U.S.T
Talking about how come the other 2 didn't come..
Although we're not together, but we still remember them..


Thinking of them made GBL emo..Cuz we're not together..


But GBL can't be emo for long because she's there with me!!
Not long after that, GBL..

*Throws away her emo mask*

*We acted stupid*

*Did some poses*

*Did jump shots*

*GBL and 13 making out..*

Its damn geli I tell you!!
As soon as my camera aims at them, they do this!!!
Haha but they're just acting..I know..
Cuz 13 is MINE!!! and GBL is MINE!!!
So they cannot be together *or can they??*

*photos of the sea*

*GBL admiring the sea~*

*Adorable GBL*

*13 Posing*

*Adorable 13*

The beach is a new place for certain people..
They just love it..
*Right, evie??*

And Eling missed out all the fun because she chose her primary school friends over Uzhe Shifu and PD!!
I promised NOT to take her to the beach even if she ask me..haha!!
That ends the long and tiring but fun day!!

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  1. hei..
    i didnt kena u ...
    i dunno uzhe shifu will ready steamboat ok ????
    yer the 13 n gbl de photo so geli ...