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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Langkawi Trip - Day 2,3

Continued from my last post here..
*Or you can just scroll down*

I totally underestimated the power of cameras and 1500+ photos!!
I took so long to just filter and PP the photos..
Lotsa time wasted, but yet worthwhile *I hope*


On the second day of our trip, we woke up early in the morning because we had booked an island hopping trip at 9am..
We thought we were going snorkeling too therefore did not bring our cameras along..
*Not even the Lumix*
And we sure regretted that we didn't!!!

Island hopping: We booked a boat to send us to 3 places..
1st - A lake in an island (Legends says that the water boost female fertility)
2nd - Eagle feeding
3rd - Beach *pointless*

The trip was okay..Cost us RM240 for 7 people..
Those who planned to go to Langkawi might wanna try it but be careful..
We got conned by a shitty ass guy..
There are many people there soliciting the trip but I still think its best to get it from the hotel counter..
No doubt you can't bargain the price and it'll be a lil pricey but your money spent will be well worthwhile..
*Better than getting your trip ruined by some conflicts*

Although we didn't bring our camera but it didn't stop Ivy from snapping loadsa photos *with my K850i*
so here are the photos to share!!

*Boat trip*

*Lake that makes girls fertile*

*Random photos from the trip*

After the trip, we went back to bath..
While the others were bathing, some of us went to the beach and play..
There were 3 kids (possibly japanese) who stole Ivy's heart!!
*Haha* and she played with them *I think*


*Egg-gy and snoopy*

Then, we went for the cable car trip..
The cable car is said to be the tallest in South East Asia..
It is a worthwhile trip and you only have to pay RM15 each!!
*RM14 if you get it from the jetty*
The place was superb!!
600+ metres above sea level!!!!
The mist was too thick on the day we went..
Couldn't see anything but yet again, it didn't stop us from camwhoring!!

*Yet another jump shot collage*

*Peywen again, Mr Lee Kheng Yong??*

*Cautious!!! Tigress!!*

After the cable car ride, we went down and hangout at Oriental Park..
*The park surrounding the cable car ride*
They camwhored there but I didn't..
Because I was too hungry to and BeiLynn as well as Grace texted me that time..
So I sat aside while they were busy snapping photos..haha!!
*Okay..I did a few..*

*Acting innocent*

It was finally time for dinner!!
Don't know why but I crave for japanese..
We didn't have japanese ler because its gonna be expensive and pretty common..
So we went to a western food place *Sounds pretty common huh??* in Kuah town..


This place is quite special..
It really looks like an authentic western restaurant where you get really old and cool stuff there..
The boss is a really nice old man..Funny too!!
We wanted to have a group photo with the boss we well but too bad he left the place before we can ask him..
So no photo of the nice old man but plenty of us!!

*Random stuff you can find there*
*Andrew's trying to be like the Lion in Madagascar*

*Emo shot*


This toy clown scares Ivy..
You know la, there are people who's scared of clowns and this probably reminds her of Chucky, or the IT clown..

*Chucky and IT*

Dinner was good..And special..
My Mexican steak was really good!!!
Not too done, not too rare..
*Love it!!*

After that its back to the hotel and chat..
But I slept really early..


Its Valentine's Eve and our last day in Langkawi..
Didn't really snap lotsa photos because we were busy buying souvenirs back home..
*Chocs, liquor and smoke*

After purchasing everything and spending loadsa money, we finally head home!!

*Leaving Langkawi*

*Bye bye Langkawi*

Before ending this post, I have something to give to Eeling and Evie..
I know Eeling loves blue here they are!!

*Blue skies for Eeling*

Evie loves the beach right??
So here's for you!!

*Your beach, eVie*

And for the rest of you, this one goes to you!!

*Sunset by the jetty*

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