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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Evening in Desa Park City

Fuh!! My last post was on the Feb 17, 2009!!
Why haven't I been updating?
Let me tell you.

Feb 16-19: Lifeless in the office
Feb 20-25: Went to Kampar *Yes Yinxie. I went to look for my girlfriend*
Feb 26-28: Continue where my work left off
Mar 1,2 : Modem got FRIED
Mar 3 : Bought a new modem and blog

Actually I have a few blog post to write before this but I decided to do this 1st.
Before that, I have an announcement.
"There're 2 new members in my FAMILY!!"
Minolta Maxxum 50mm F1.7
Minolta Maxxum 70-210mm F4.6-5.6
*You thought I was getting married huh?*

Okay, I bought the 2 camera lenses for my Sony Alpha A200 last Saturday.
Got it from CJ Lai, a member.
Its surprising that he has just started playing with DSLRs approximately 2 months ago and is already selling camera lenses.
*Wonder where he got all those supplies*
Anyways I'll just briefly introduce the 2 new family members.

Minolta Maxxum 50mm F1.7
This is a fast lens with very low Appeture (F1.7)
It is a good lens if the photographer takes a lot of potraits.
Because of its low appeture, it produces much bokeh (objects not focused are blur)
Sometimes it produce too much bokeh so photographers has to increase the appeture.

Minolta Maxxum 70-210mm F4.6-5.6
This lens can zoom further than my kit lens (SAL 1870 18-70mm F3.5-5.6)
Its appeture is pretty high therefore not suitable to shoot in low light conditions.
But its a great outdoor lens as I can zoom pretty far.
There are better lenses out there, but i got this because it is cheap.

Photos shot with my 3 different lenses will be posted after I have the time to really play with it.
For the meantime, lets start with yesterday.

Andrew, Ivy, and I hanged out together.
*Actually we were finishing our client's website*
Yes, we're doing websites for people so if any of you who wants a website to be designed, ask us!!*We'll charge, of course*

After finishing, the sky was pretty and we decided to grab our cameras *which we bring everywhere* and head to Desa Park City(DPC) for a sunset shoot.
Upon arriving at DPC, it drizzled a lil!!!
But that didn't stop us from shooting photos since we're there already.
*I still love my camera although I let it kena rain*

Luckily the drizzle only lasted for 10mins or so.
We're pretty fortunate that we stayed although it drizzled.
Here's why..

*Somewhere over the rainbow*

Yup, there's rainbows in the sky.
And those are FULL rainbows!!
If you notice, there are 2 FULL rainbows.
The top one started to fade even when we notice it.
Actually, there weren't only 2 rainbows. There were 3!!
There are actually 2 rainbows overlapping each other in the clearer rainbow.
But too bad ler we cannot take photos of it if we wanna capture the full sized rainbows.

So yeah, its a pretty lucky day for us!!

Many people go to DPC during the evening.
With their families, friends and also dogs.
The dogs are SoooOooO adorable I tell you.
I managed to capture a few.

*Adorable Little Dogs*

*Girl in UFO swing*


Ever seen a photographer snapping photos while talking on a phone?
Wanna see how?

*Andrew* Yes beilynn, THAT Andrew

On a side note, here are 2 photos I took with my 50mm lens.

*Mini Fountain*

The photo is blured intentionally.
The focus is at the water. The sculpture and the plants are blurred because of the low appeture.


Once again, I'll gift you all with a photo before I leave.
Sunset, everyone love the yellow reddish egg yolk.

*Taken with 210mm*

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  1. wah gor...... rainbow tat pic very super nice leh....
    tot u dissapear jor leh.. msg u tak ada reply oso de.. haha....