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Friday, 13 March 2009

Birthday dinner at Carey Island

A few of you know that I will be a one-day vegetarian on my birthday.
But I'm not sure if you know why.
Don't care if you wanna know anot la, I'm gonna tell you anyways.

I was born on March 10, 1986.
Just so happen that it was the 1st day of the 2nd month in the Lunar Calendar.
If I were to celebrate my birthday on the Lunar calendar, I memang have to be a vegetarian la.
*1st day and fifteenth day mar!!*
But if I were to celebrate my birthday on March 10, I'm still a vegetarian.

I was once told by a monk many years ago that we can pledge to be a one-day vegetarian on our birthday.
All the merits gotten from that day can be passed on to the one who went through the pain and suffering, walked the thin line between life and death just to bring us to this world.
Therefore, I will become a vegetarian for the entire day during my birthday and hopefully my mother will be blessed with good health.

I know la I'm damn potong.
Birthdays should be happy but I made it sound so serious.
If you wanna read my birthday post last year, here it is.
My birthday = Mom's suffering day

Okay, since this is my 1st non-vegetarian birthday dinner in many years,
definitely must show show the things we makan right?
Continued from my previous post Dong Zen Temple,
we head to Carey Island for dinner before heading home.

Carey Island is like only 10 minutes drive away from Jenjarom.
Apparently it was an island "infested" by alot of mat sallehs around 10 years ago.
and now everyone went back to their home country and there are only orang asli in the island.
But nevertheless many people still go there for seafood.

*Part of the crowd there*

When we arrived there, the sun was already setting.
We get to sit there and watch the colour of the sky change slowly bit by bit.

*Blue skies turn orange*

*Just a few minutes later*

Other than the sky, the next most interesting is FOOD!!!

*Coconut - Better than Langkawi's*

*Deep fried prawns with salt*

The interesting thing about the prawns is its deep fried till so crispy that you can eat it whole including the head, tail, and shells.

*First you see it, then its gone!!*

*Fried egg with oyster aka Ojian Yeoh Ee Ling*

*Fried Dong Fun*

*Kam Heong Crabs*

*Bamboo Shellfish(?)*

My family eats relatively little. Except with it comes to vegetables.
So we didn't really ordered that much.
After a good dinner, we burp till our hearts are content *Joking la!!*
Then we head home.

Oh before ending this post..

*We finished our food except for the Dong Fun*

Okay okay, curious what did I have for my actual birthday on March 10, 2009??
I makan vegetarian economy rice for both lunch and dinner.
Happy now??!!! *Laughs*


  1. haha... reali laugh when i finish reading... haha

  2. wah!!! which part made you laugh oh??!!!

  3. the last part.... haha......
    reali let u zhadao..